1 1 - Second Chance

I was lying on the couch, reading another novel on my phone like I usually did after waking up.

It was the same as any other day, distant shouts of children playing in the background and the sound of car engines driving by.

One particular engine was louder than the rest. In fact, it was getting louder and louder..

Something felt wrong, but by the time I managed to raise my head, the glass window had shattered and a truck was flying at me.

I had no time to move before the truck hit me head on, a glass shard as long as a hand was sticking out of my chest and the truck was pushed against my body so hard I don't doubt my ribs were cracked.

I was there for what seemed like hours, but was most likely a few minutes, before I eventually lost consciousness and everything faded to black.


The next thought that went through my mind was, 'so warm'.

I was in a dark, soft and wet space..

I could hear distant voices that were slightly distorted as if they were behind a wall.

'So bright'. There was an opening that was getting closer, it was so bright that it started to hurt my eyes.

Eventually, I was surrounded by the light and had no choice but to keep my eyes shut.

"Congratulations Mrs Ignis, It's a boy!"


I looked up to see an incredibly pale woman, she was so pale that it looked unhealthy.

Her eyes, however, were as bright as they could get and were a deep forest green colour, with golden blonde hair reaching behind her back and in front of her face. She had a tired smile that refused to go down as she said in a quiet voice,

"I'll call you.. Leo, Leo Ignis."

After she said this, it was as if there was a massive burden lifted off of her shoulders and she peacefully laid back and closed her eyes, letting out a deep breath as she did so, my body still cradled in her arms.

But, something was wrong. I instinctively knew she wouldn't be opening her eyelids again.

I started crying against my own free will, the room was full of the sound of a baby crying.

The nurse looked at my crying form with a sad smile, she gently picked me up and softly whispered,

"It's okay, go to sleep, everything is okay."

Those words were almost hypnotic, I felt myself falling asleep almost instantly and after a few seconds, I was sleeping peacefully.

* Time Skip * - 2 years.

It's been 2 years since I was born in this world and I've made some huge discoveries.

I'm a wizard!

Soon after I was born in this world I tried to find out where and when I was, the hospital decorations and equipment looked severely out of date so i assumed I was born at least a few decades earlier than my old world.

Also, I don't quite remember where I heard it but I heard the word 'St. Mungos' and immediately thought of the Harry Potter world so, like any other normal person would, I tried doing magic.





Nothing happened.. buuut I did see one of the nurses levitating a few potions down a corridor!

My brain was racing a million times a second,

'Can I do magic?'

'Will I go to Hogwarts?'

'Are any of my family members going to take me home?'.

Eventually, I realised that I had no family in this world, and was an orphan.

I also realised a one day old cannot do magic.

After a few months, I was placed in Phoenix Orphanage.

I repeatedly tried to do magic daily for months and finally, after a year of trying, I had results!


I felt something moving in my body and the tiniest spark of light came out of my finger.

I paused for a second then my hand shot into the air and I screamed "YESSSSS!!"

2 seconds later I fainted from exhaustion and the matron found me unconscious after hearing me scream.

Back to present day.

I turned 2 a few days ago and nothing much has happened other than my numerous experiments of magic which mostly ended in failure.

I can cast lumos for around a minute before feeling tired.

With my abysmal amount of magic as a toddler, lack of magical books and no wand, my path to becoming the strongest wizard in the world is going as well as you'd expect.

Where did my dream of becoming the strongest wizard ever come from you ask? Who knows? I just decided that if I've got magic, i'm gonna damn well use the shit out of it.

I've spent the last week attempting to learn occlumency and let me tell you, I might have the memories of an adult but my body just needs to do something new every few minutes. Although one thing I learned that I couldn't before is my imagination is much clearer.

Whenever I picture something in my mind, it's like my magic helps remember what it looks like in detail, for example if I picture the exact looks of a toy car after a few minutes of studying and picturing it I can see it from all angles in my mind, although it's nowhere near perfectly clear and it doesn't work when imagining anything too big or complex which i'm assuming is because of my age and amount of magic.

And so, this is how I spent my days trying a few spells like lumos and wingardium leviosa and trying to learn occlumency.

I'm now 4 and half years old.

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