49 Chapter 48: Going to Axel's Adventurer's Guild

Chapter 48: Going to Axel's Adventurer's Guild

Fanfic by: Geraint124x

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(Harukin's POV)

Outside Wiz's Magic Item Shop, I escorted Lalatina and her mother Katarina-sama to their carriage in front of the shop.

"Katarina-sama, please take care of yourself. Don't forget what I said to you; Eat nutritious food, proper hygiene, exercise regularly and most of all don't tire yourself, okay?" I reminded her.

"Yes! Doctor..." she responded like a child.

I just nodded at her response.

"Ah, before we go back..."

She moved towards me, leaning forward and kissing my cheeks.

"Since you're my daughter's Fiancé, you have to call me Mom from now on."

I glanced at Lalatina who's standing beside her mother, she still in her world, imagining things. I guess her masochism is really fully awaken because of me.

I glanced back to her mother.

"Nope, not for now. I'll think about it if things gone better between Lalatina and me in the future."

"Moooo... Don't be shy about that."

"Go home now! It's bad for your health if you stay outside for too long. Don't worry, after I learned 'Teleport' from Wiz, I try visit you regularly at your home to check your health condition."

"It's that true? Yay?!" she hugged me suddenly out of joy.

"With that, I gonna spoil you a lot like my own son."

She glanced at her daughter Lalatina, waking her up from her daydreaming.

"Lalatina!" she shook her.


"Say your goodbye to your future little husband."

"What?" she became flustered.

"Don't listen to her." I said.

"No! I have to do this as your Fiancée."

Lalatina willed herself heavily breathing then she hugged me.


"Lalatina! Don't just hug him, you have to kiss him on his lips too!"

"Hey! What are you teaching to your daughte---"

Lalatina suddenly hold my head and kissed me on my lips.

My eyes widened in surprise,


"That's my girl." Her mom praised her.

Lalatina let of my lips then move away from me while panting.


This unworldly girl... she easily listened to her mother's words without understanding what she's doing.

The two of them went inside the carriage and looked at us from inside the window.

"Goodbye, my little Harukin! Come visit us quickly." Katarina-sama shouted, waving at us.

Lalatina was also waving at us, blushing as she shyly said,

"Bye, Harukin..."

I just smiled at them, tiredly waving my hand at them.

I glanced at their butler who's name is Heidel, sitting in front to drive the carriage. He's an old man who's serving the house of Dustiness for many years as their butler.

"Heidel-san, please take care of them."

He bowed at me and replied,

"I understand, Future Young Master. I swear to you to protect them with my life."

"Ugh!... Anyway, be careful on your travel."


The carriage started to move forward, watching them get far away from the distance.


"Congratulation, Harukin. You have a Fiancée now. Good luck at explaining this to your twin sister Megumin, Yunyun and Erza." Paimon said with sarcasm while clapping her hands at me.


"Harukin... Why are you not saying anything?" Paimon float towards me.

I took out the flyers that I drawn from my dimensional storage then gave it to Paimon and Wiz.

"I want the two of you to distribute this flyers around the town for the time being since there's no customer coming."

"What about you, Harukin?" Wiz curiously asked.

"I'm going to update my Adventurer's Card on the guild here in Axel. I didn't update it on Arcanretia because there's a lot of crazy people there."

"Okay..." she just gave me a wry smile.

"Krul is going with me so, take this Paimon..."

I gave Paimon a small bag of money.

"That's your food allowance today while doing your work."

"Yay! Paimon will a buy a lot of delicious food with this... Wait! you seems kind to Paimon today. Are you okay?"

"No, I'm just tired. I've been drawing those flyers last night before I went to sleep." I answered.


"I'm sorry about this, Harukin. Seems like I've troubling you a lot." Wiz suddenly apologized, bowing at me.

"No, Wiz. It's okay, It was my decision to help you."

"That's why you have to offer your thighs to him and become his woman, Wiz. You have to pay him back with your body." Paimon said all of sudden.

"Ehh?! Is that true, Harukin?" Wiz blushed, shocked from what Paimon said.

"Paimon, I already told you not to say anything that can cause misunderstanding."

"You already had Gaia-sama, Erza, Lalatina, Krul and also maybe in the future Eris-sama, Akane, Yunyun and Megumin. What's the difference on adding Wiz as one of your lovers? She's a free real state, you know." Paimon tried to explain.

"Hey! Why are you adding me as one of his girls?!" Krul complained.


I was speechless on business like talk of Paimon.

"He's stunned right now, Wiz! Go and get him! Show him your charm as an adult woman for the sake of your shop!"


Paimon went behind Wiz and pushed her towards me.

"Paimon, Wait! What are you doing? Kyaaaaaah!"

Wiz got out balanced, falling towards me and crushing me down into the ground.

"Ugh~~ Are you okay, Harukin? I'm sorry because Paimon keep pushing me."

I'm already tired of dealing this kind of things, it keeps happening to me since I went out of my home village.

My misfortune keeps triggering up whenever I go.

I've been only preservative of myself because I like Yunyun. And now, it was already taken before I even confess my feelings for her.

Well, I don't care anymore.

I'll say straight up to her that she's the girl I love the most even though I have girls aside from her.

I glanced at Wiz,

"Wiz, what do you think of me?" I asked her with serious expression.

"... A little brother?" she answered while blushing.

"Wrong! You lied!" I grabbed her head and shove her lips towards me, giving her a passionate kiss that I learned from that perverted Goddess.

Krul and Paimon was shocked from what I did,

"Hmmmp!" she struggled with me a little bit but she slowly calmed down and went with my pace.

She opened her lips and accepted me, I slowly and softly darted my tongue into her mouth and then pulled it back out. I did it to her several times. After that, I made the tip of our tongue swirling each other then I mix it with darting.

"Mmm..." Wiz moaned in pleasure.

It felt good even though she's an undead lich.

When Wiz became out of breath, I let go of her, helping her move out on top of me.

I stood up then glanced at her, giving her a mischievous smile.

"You're too inexperience to call me a child."

Then I walked towards inside her Magic Item Shop.

Wiz blushed hard and became flustered.

"Waaaaah! What I am gonna do? I just became criminal, kissing him." she panicked.

Krul and Paimon slightly blushed, watching her in silent while she's panicking.


"Krul, let's go! I have to update my Adventurers Card in the guild!"

"Yes, I'm coming!" Krul responded, following me inside for preparation.

"Congratulations, Wiz. You have a young boyfriend now." Paimon said.

"No! He's too young to become my lover! They're gonna call me a Shotacon and put me into jail with this." Wiz said in embarrassment while covering her face with both of her hands.

"Just keep it a secret and wait for him to grow up, and everything's gonna be alright." Paimon gave her a thumbs up.

"No! What have I done!"

"What's done is done. It's too late to regret it, Wiz. He's the one who took the initiative anyway so it's not your fault. Also you enjoyed it even though it's forbidden, did you?"


Wiz glanced at Paimon.

"Paimon, this is your fault! You're the one who pushed me. You're going to the jail with me."

"Paimon ran away!" Paimon ran around.

I peeked at them from the shop and shouted,

"You two! Stop chattering there and start distributing those flyers around the town already!"

"Yes!" The two responded at the same time.

(To be continued.)

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