47 Chapter 46: Helping Wiz-san's Shop

Chapter 46: Helping Wiz-san's Shop

Fanfic by: Geraint124x

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(Harukin's POV)

Morning arrives, we decided to stay in Wiz-san shop for the time being until I solved the problem on her shop.

"Today, we're gonna take out my father's useless junks and clean up this whole store first." I said to them.

"Yes!" Wiz-san responded with determination.

"Yes..." Paimon cheerfully said.

"Can I go back to sleep?" Krul spoke while being sleepy.

"No, you have to help us too so that we can finish this early." I replied to Krul.

"Okay, but cook me something delicious later."


All of us are wearing cleaning outfit.

"Then, I should started by taking out my father's junk."

I took out one of magic staves and a large empty sack from my dimensional storage.

I casted while holding my magic staff,

"Air Magic... Levitation!"

All the items that I identified as Father's junk or useless items floated out of their shelves and went directly inside the empty that I'm holding.

This time I realized something.

Majority of her merchandise in this store are my father's useless junks.



"What happened to my items that I sold to you?"

"Well, they get sold out pretty quickly and always gets out of stock that it leaves the shelves always empty so..."


I slightly tilted my head on my right side.

"It's hard to come back to your village frequently to buy a new stock of your items so I replaced your items with your father's items to fill the empty shelves for the time being." she explained.

"Oh, that's why..."

I gave her a very kind smile,

"Come here, Wiz. And lean forward." I said to her.

A sweat appeared on her forehead.

"Umm... Harukin, what's with sudden change in treatment?"

"Just come here, Wiz. I just have something to say."

My smile turned menacing.

She slowly walked towards me with frightened expression.

When she leaned forward, I immediately moved and pinched her both of he cheek.

"Wiz, did I alrady told you not buy my father's useless items, what if the defects of those items endangered the life of the customers, not only it's bad for business, your shop reputation will be turned to worst and treat your shop as a dangerous shop. Someday, no one will visit your shop anymore."

"Aw aw aw! Harukin, I understand. Please don't pull my cheek. It hurts..." she replied in pain.

I let go of her cheeks and said,

"Okay, don't forget what I said. But this time, I forbid you to buy on our shop without me. Understand?!"

"Yes!" Wiz responded while massaging her reddened cheek.


I sighed, then I glanced at everyone.

"Okay, since I'm already finished pulling out my father's junks, let's start cleaning the shop."

"Yes!" everyone responded at the same time.

After we finish cleaning the store, I took out the crates from my dimensional storage. Each crates has different kinds of products inside that I invented. I going to give them to Wiz as a replacement for my father's junk items.

"Harukin, what is this thing?" Krul asked while holding a bottle filled with red liquid and another bottle filled with blue liquid.

"That bottle with red liquid inside is Health Potion and the other one with blue liquid is Mana Potion. You should know them from the games you played on your world."

"Nope, I don't play them. I'm not interested on them."

"Your life must be boring living in that underground castle for many years... Then at least you played with a doll, right?"

"Harukin! I'm not a child to play with that kind of stupid toy! Those kinds of things doesn't even exist from my time when I was still a human child." she retorted.

"Then you just wasted your time looking down on those greedy humans from your world. What a thousand years of dull life you have there." I said, making fun of her.

"You bastard! Come here and I'll beat you up!" she shouted with angry expression.

She put down the potion that she was holding then she jumped at me, attacking me by punching.

But, I quickly moved backward and dodged her attack.

"Catch me if you can. Hehe..."

I ran around inside the shop, dodging her attack.


"Harukin, stop playing around. We have a lot of things to do." Wiz spoke.

"Wiz, stand still." Paimon said.


"What an amazing thighs you have there, they're so Thicc!" Paimon said loudly.

I immediately turned around and looked at them without hesitation.

I saw Paimon pulled up Wiz's skirt of her purple dress.

Her purple underwear and beautiful legs are totally expose to me.

As I expected, her thighs are really wonderful.

"Kyaaaah! Stop it, Paimon! Harukin is looking right now!" Wiz screamed and became embarrass.

I was mesmerized by her thighs that I forgot Krul was attacking me.

"Ugh~" I groaned.

Krul landed a blow in my solar plexus.

I let my guard down that I forgot to fully activate sunshine for my defenses.

Her punch slightly hurts...

But worth it, I saw something good.

"Hmph! Stop acting that it hurt you." Krul hmphed at me while blushing.

"Hehe..." I just laughed at it.

After we finished setting up the new items on the shelves, we started to prepare to open the shop.

"You girls stay here for now, I just going to cook our lunch."

"Yay!" Paimon rejoiced.

"Yes, I want meat, Harukin." Krul requested.

"Mine is only a light meal." Wiz shyly said.

"Orders received, miladies" I responded, going to the kitchen.

I started to cook, preparing different kinds of dish for each three of them. For Wiz, she wants a light meal so I decided to cook her a Stir Fried Eggs and Tomatoes. For Krul I grilled her a juicy beef steak and lastly, sweet and sour chicken for Paimon.


After I finished cooking them, I turned around and was about to call them to eat, but I saw them standing behind me while Paimon and Krul are drooling, and Wiz is reddened while fidgeting.

"You girls... can you just take a sit at the table and wait for me to serve your lunch?"

"Paimon is pulled by the delicious smell coming from the kitchen." Paimon cheerfully spoke.

"Harukin, I'm hungry from working. I want to eat now." Krul said.

"Sorry, Harukin. I'm just curious on what are you making for me." Wiz shyly spoke.



I sighed then said,

"Then everyone I already cooking so let's start to eat now."

After we finished eating and took a little rest, we opened the shop.

I glanced at them,

"Everyone, get ready serve our customers."

"Yes!" they joyfully yelled except Krul, she was sleepy from eating a lot.

I went outside the store and flipped the sign in front, changing it from 'CLOSE' to 'OPEN'.

Few hours later, there was no customer coming inside. I was in the counter, standing on top of the chair while leaning on the table with my arm as a support. I'm tapping my index finger on the table.

"No one is coming. How long this store been like this, Wiz?"

"More than three weeks." Wiz answered with sad tone.

"I wonder how you manage to survive in running this shop for a long time."


Wiz was silent with sad expression.

It means she doesn't know herself.

Father's junk items are becoming more useless since I became part of their family. Is it really my fault?

"I'm sorry, Harukin. For troubling you." Wiz said with sad tone.

I smiled at her, reaching for her head to pat her.

"Don't worry, Wiz. Things are just started. I still have a lot of trump card in my sleeves so prepare yourself."

She nodded at me while blushing.

Suddenly, the door opened.

I immediately greet them with a business smile.

"Welcome---- Ugh!"

My face went paled when I saw the one who entered the shop.

It was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and light blue eyes. Just like Wiz, she was a well-endowed woman with fair skin and has a curvaceous figure.

Beside her, there was a young girl with straight, long blonde hair tied in a ponytail and light blue eyes. She has a big chest and shapely figure.

Both of them are wearing a noble dress.

It was the Mother and daughter of Dustiness house.

It was Lalatina and her Mom.

"Ah! He's right. My little Harukin is here... Harukin!!! It's been a long time!"

Lalatina's Mom dashed towards me.

(To be continued.)

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