46 Chapter 45: Paimon the Spoiler

Chapter 45: Paimon The Spoiler

Fanfic by: Geraint124x

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(Harukin's POV)

Inside the World Gate, we're travelling on a space vortex tunnel.


Ahead of us a portal opened, we quickly entered inside.

Upon entering, we arrived in the sky above the active volcano. This was the volcano where I took a deep bath several days ago before I was unconsciously sent to the another world. It was high noon here the same in Fairy Tail World.

While falling from the sky, I shouted out of happiness,

"I'm finally back home!!!"

I want to dive on the lava inside the mouth of the volcano, but I wearing the white uniform for livestock with short sleeveless and a hood I got from Akane in the Owari no Seraph World. I don't want to change my clothes because of the battle happening in the another worlds and I don't want my clothes to be damaged cause I tailored them myself. So I just washed this clothes when I take a bath and dry them using my sunshine magic. And it also seems looks more cooler that I always want to wear it. Livestock that baits vampire to death. Hahaha...

I took out one of my magic staves and casted,

"Air Magic... Levitation!"

I stood up on top of my floating magic staff, then I rose up back into the sky.

Paimon appeared behind me and grabbed on my back.

"Paimon is hungry, I want to eat delicious meat for lunch."

"Okay then, let's eat on Arcanretia before we travel to Axel."

"Yay!" Paimon rejoiced.

"Oh, before I forget..."

I prepared both of my arms to catch something.

"Summon, Krul."

Out of nowhere, Krul appeared in front of me and fell into my arms.

"Ugh~" she groaned.

She woke up and opened her eyes,

"What was that? And where am I?" she looked around.

"Good morning, sleepyhead. We're in my home world now." I answered.

"Okay then, wake me up if we already arrived at the town." she yawned then leaned her head on my shoulders and tried to sleep again.



There was no response from Krul, she was already sleeping.


I sighed.

I just let her sleep, carrying her while flying.

Thirty minutes later, we arrived on Alcanretia. I used the Crest Medallion of the Dustiness Family to enter the town again.

We entered on one of the famous restaurant in the town. The other customers inside curiously looked at us, because of our strange appearance, but later dismissed their gaze because Crimson Demon like me are already strange anyway.

Krul and Paimon ordered a lot then ate like there's no tomorrow.

I wonder where the food they ate went. It's like that there's a black hole inside their stomach.

I paid all the food we ate to the counter, the counter lady gave me the change with a sheet of paper folded below. She spoke with a smile on her face,

"Thank you for coming at our restaurant!" she bowed slightly.

When we went out of the restaurant, I opened the folded paper that the counter lady gave me.

Just seeing a glimpse when opening the file folded paper, I got annoyed. I immediately crumpled it, burning it on my hand. I spread the ashes around.

It was a Axis Cult's recruitment sheet.

"Let's go."

Paimon and Krul just nodded at me.

After that, we travelled to the City of Axel by riding on my levitating Magic Staff again.

Several hours later, we arrived at Axel by night already. We glided down then walked towards the entrance of the wall.

It was dark and we're already tired from travelling so I just shown to the guard my Adventurers Card and the Crest Medallion of the Dustiness Family so we can enter inside the city quickly without problem.

I asked the guard about the location of Wiz-san Magic Item Shop. After giving the direction, I thank him then walked towards the direction he pointed.

It took us more than an hours before we found the location of Wiz-san shop. Arriving at the entrance of the shop, I knocked the door thrice.

*Thud!* *Thud!* *Thud!*

"Sorry, but the shop is already closed." Wiz-san responded from inside.

"Wiz-san! It's me, Harukin!" I shouted.


I heard Wiz-san running and immediately opened the door.

"Harukin! What happened to you?" she asked.

"Sorry, Wiz-san. It's a long story."

"Come inside quick, it's already cold outside."

"Thank you, Wiz-san."

The three of us entered inside the shop, sitting on the chair around the small table.

Wiz-san prepared us a tea and sat beside us.

"Umm... Harukin, who's this new friend of yours?" she asked me while pointing at Krul who has a tired expression.

"This is Krul, my familiar. She's a half vampire." I answered.

Krul glanced at Wiz-san.

"Hi, Krul. My name is Wiz, the owner of this Magic Item Shop. Nice to meet you." she introduced herself.

"Hello, Mine is Krul. Nice to meet you too." Krul responded.

I was wondering about Krul, she seems becoming nicer day by day.

"Krul, did something happened? You've been treating me nicely lately." I said.

"Nothing, I just heard everything about you and about my future in my world." she glanced at Paimon.


"Knowing my future that seems to be full of suffering while looking for my older brother in my world, I felt like not going back anymore. Seems like my big brother is fine anyway in the hands of that Salty boy and also I'm already bound to you as your familiar. Since I'm already a half-vampire, I'm not suited to go back there anymore so please take care of me from now." she said to me with cheeky smile.

I glanced at Paimon,

"Paimon, what did you tell her?" I asked.

"Since, she's your familiar, I told her everything about you and also her future. As your familiar, she must know everything about her master." Paimon answered.

"Wait! Paimon, why didn't you consult me about this first?"

"Of course, that's because you'll going decline it so Paimon already told her first. And also why would Paimon should ask you before doing it, Paimon is just a emergency food to you anyway." Paimon sulked.

"Hey! Are you still mad at me about that?"

"Hmph!" she hmphed at me.



I sighed.

I looked at Wiz-san,

"Can I borrow your kitchen, Wiz-san? I just going to cook dinner for tonight. Join us also." I spoke.

"Sure, thank you very much." she responded with a smile.

Wiz-san and I stood up, I went to her kitchen while she guides me there.

I prepared all the ingredients.

What I going to cook for tonight's dinner is Old fashioned beef stew.


After I finished cooking, I served the food on the table.

"Thanks for the food!"

We started to eat.

"It's delicious, Harukin. Give me more." Paimon said.

"Okay, Okay. Eat slowly Paimon. There's still a lot in here."

I put another serving on her plate.


"Thank you, Harukin." she said with delight.

"Me too, Harukin. I want second." Krul raised her plate towards me.

"Here, Krul..."

I gave her another servings.

"Thank you! It really good, Harukin."

"Yeah, sure."

I glanced at Wiz-san,

"You Wiz-san, do you want more?" I asked her.

She shyly looked at me and responded,

"Yes, but only a little. I'm might get fat if I ate too much."

"Wiz-san, you shouldn't worry about that, I don't really mind it at all if you got a little bit of fatter." I said.

Wiz-san reddened from what I said.

Paimon finished eating then squinted her eyes while looking at me,

"Harukin means that you should eat a lot and become more thicker, he'll like you even more." she spoke, reading my mind.

Wiz-san became flustered,

"Heh!!?" she reacted.

"Paimon! Don't blurt anything that causes misunderstanding." I scolded Paimon.

"But, that's what you've been saying deep inside your heart. Thick thighs saves lives, right?" she said.


This girl...

(To be continued.)

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