Harem seeking god
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Harem seeking god


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What is Harem seeking god

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Heaven site. " Man I already am strongest but don't have any beauties hey don't laugh on father's pain Tathagata and you also pagoda". "sorry my king ha ha ". a golden old man is apologizing to the young man . " oh sorry" a strongly looking old man is also apologizing. " my king why don't u reicarnate yourself to earth at that time u can create your one harem. " look ho is saying ho doesn't even have a single lover. " " you old pagu how about you who doesn't even get erect ". you two keep your mouth shut . Reincarnation is a good idea but I 1st seal all of my powers " . "even if u seals all your power u will still be the strongest " then reincarnate by body to a very weak person and also seal all of my memory only leave the small memory part of my cultivator side . and don't interfere with my new life " By saying these that man got vanish from the heaven .. " come back soon with our Queens , my king " with the water dropping from there ear those two old man also got vanish from heaven. "In earth ". where am I and what's with the dream. oh crap it's time for my school if I late I would be punished ". A very weak look but a very delicate looking young boy saying these by wearing his school uniform. " mom dad I am going to school see u " with a bread in his mouth he running toward his school

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Just the amount of grammar issues in the synopsis turned me off, you should really fix that. 1401401401401401401401401401401041041040140`40`40`40104104104104


The story is fun and instersting but the grammar is really bad and need an edit also the explaination about background story for each character is lacking and the flow of story feels rushed.


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The storyline is that bad but the GRAMMAR!!! It annoys me so much. I think you should probably try to fix your grammar, you’ll get more readers👍😄


If someone edit this please comment here so I will know xD... The story is good and very creative its just that the grammar is.... LOLOLOSLOLSOALSOALS


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