24 Ryan Rejects the Beast

Arriving in front of a gorgeous courtyard, Ryan double-checked the sign's number, but after confirming this was the right place, he headed towards the inside, stepping into a revolving door.

After exiting on the other side, he was mesmerized by the paradise that lay before his eyes.

An indoor waterfall flowed down from a sculpted mountain, on top of which sat living beasts that looked like a mix between a cheetah and a zebra with black and white stripes running down their lean physique.

Upon seeing him, the biggest of the beasts looked down at Ryan but bent its head low in respect and averted its gaze.

Ryan was puzzled as to why the beast would do such a thing but figured the beast might be female and could feel his masculine aura wafting from his being.

Ryan appraised the beast but didn't feel any sexual attraction towards it.

Turning his gaze away and looking at the rest of the building, he saw a little bridge crossing over a river that probably looped back around to feed the waterfall.

Across the bridge, he saw a door that had a name placard hanging from the door that read "Lieutenant Valeria."

Crossing the bridge, Ryan heard a splash in the water below and felt it come up, hitting his face. Looking down, he saw a small aquatic creature that resembled a fish but had retractable limbs on the sides of its body.

He would have truly mistaken it for a fish if he hadn't caught the little guy splashing him with one of his front limbs.

"What a cheeky guy." Ryan chuckled, wiping the water off his face with his uniform.

Knocking on the door, Ryan waited for a second before a "Come in" sounded from inside.

Creaking open the door, Ryan peered inside seeing Valery sitting at her desk looking over some paperwork.

'Guess you can't get away from paperwork even if you live in a fantasy world.'

Looking at Valery, Ryan could only see her top half, but already he was enjoying his view.

She wore a white dress shirt that hugged her upper chest oh-so tightly.

Beneath her dress shirt, Ryan could clearly see a black bra.

Ryan wondered what the point of the shirt was in the first place since it wasn't hiding much at all.

Sitting on a chair arranged in front of her desk, Ryan stared at Valery, who still hadn't looked up from her stack of papers.

As he was wondering what to say, Valery annoyedly said, "What is it? I don't have all day."

Seeing she still hadn't looked up, Ryan grinned, realizing she didn't know it was him yet.

Clearing his throat, Ryan spoke in a higher-than-normal-pitched voice, "I wanted to ask you about love, Lieutenant."

Still looking down at the papers, Valery muttered, "Love is something made up by the heavens. Never chase it, or you'll end up heartbroken and alone."

"But I felt it, Lieutenant. I felt love as I dumped my seed onto her, coating her beautiful stomach in my jizz. I loved the moment I plunged my tongue inside her, tasting her sweet honey. And I felt loved as I took another for the first time as she writhed atop me in pleasure."

At first, the Lieutenant was more concentrated on her papers, but as she heard the words, she slammed the papers down and looked up, wanting to see who thought they could talk to their superior with such vulgar language.

But as she looked around from her chair, she didn't see anyone.

Confused, she got up and peered around the other side of her desk but didn't see anything.

"Heavens, I am losing it… that brat better wake up soon. These fantasies keep getting worse and worse." Sighing, she went back to her chair and sat down, rubbing her eyes with her hands.

She had constantly been getting fantasies about the teasing brat at night, but now they were happening during working hours.

Ryan, who had squeezed between the other side of Valery's desk and the wall, had a big smile on his face as he heard her ramblings.

Ryan hadn't been aware of it at the time, but his previous aura activated at their first interaction caused women he viewed as "potential harem members" to have their thoughts about him amplified.

Thankfully he could control his new and improved aura as he wanted now, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to exploit the good his old aura had done.

Scooting out from the crack, he hopped onto his feet and dusted himself off.

"Valery, you should really get someone to clean down there. It's pretty disgusting."

Valery, hearing Ryan's voice, pushed her head into the table and groaned, "Now I'm hearing his voice too."

Chuckling, Ryan stated, "Now, that's not something to get sad about, darling. Women who fantasize about me are much more likely to maximize their highs as they take my full-size."

"Now he's rhyming? Why would he be rhyming in my fantasies? Guys who rhyme are just so…."

"We're what?!" Ryan interrupted as he felt the need to defend his honor as a cultivator of the dao of rhyme.

Just like with the dao of thrusting, the dao of rhyme had great possibilities if one could master it… unfortunately, his two dao's had formed a pact, pledging to only increase as the other increases.

Hearing the abrupt sound interrupt, Valery looked up. Suddenly opening her eyes wide, she jolted out of her chair.

"Y-Your here!" She said, pointing at Ryan.

Ryan couldn't help snickering and forming a smile looking at the comical Lieutenant, whose mouth was agape and eyes were wide open with stupefaction.

"You!" Valery said as she saw Ryan laughing at her, "Why are you even here anyway?" She huffed in embarrassment as she could only think to redirect the conversation.

'Oh no, please tell me he didn't hear what I said,' Valery thought as she suddenly had a bad premonition.

"How could I not come when my favorite Lieutenant requests my presence?"

Biting her lip, she wondered what to do. After thinking for a few seconds, she countered, "I just asked your servants to inform me when you woke up."

"I was not requesting your presence."

Ryan's smile got wider, and he said, "Oh, so you're saying that you want me to leave?"

"No, I-" Impulsively answering, Valery caught herself as she reddened with embarrassment as she realized that she had been duped.

Ryan approached her as he moved to her side of the desk. Inclining his lips towards her ear, he whispered, "Then tell me to stay."

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