Hard To Love You! Book

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Hard To Love You!


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NOT EVERY LOVE STORY MEANT TO BE COMPLETED, NOT ALL LOVE STORY MEANT TO GET A HAPPY ENDING- SOME ARE FULL OF REVENGE, VIOLENCE, AND JEALOUSY!! WILL A PSYCHOPATH GIRL BE ABLE TO GET A HAPPY ENDING??? WILL SHE ABLE TO GET WHAT SHE WANTED??? _____________ "I was sold by my dad in exchange of few money when I was Kid...I got raped brutally many times. I never get the love from my dad which I was craving for!!" "So, I gave him punishment like he use to give me when I was kid. I KILLED HIM...I KILLED MY OWN DAD" _________________________________ Marleen's Dad:- Please!! Marleen don't...I...I'm sorry ...your dad is sorry for the sin he did to you... Marleeeeeeeennnnnnnn Marleen:- Sorry dad, But it's too late! Marleen's Dad:- NOOOOOO!!! __________________________________ "I punished all who never treated me well...Never gave me love which I needed...And now I'M THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON" "DAVID JACKSON NOW IT'S UR TURN" __________________________________ [Ash's POV] She was never like this back then, I know she must have felt betrayed by all....and that make her like this...the Marleen I knew was never like this...She was the purest...And now can't believe she just killed her own dad.......I think only David can make him normal but......Where own the earth are you DAVID JACKSON. ____________________________________ A story of revenge, of a girl who never get anything she wanted. Will she be able to get normal again?? Let's read and find out(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ STORY CONTAINS SOME VIOLENCE SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!! This is a work of fiction. Name, character, business, events, incidents are product of author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, or actual event is purely coincidental.!! HAPPY READING~


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