Happily Ever After - a lovestory Book

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Happily Ever After - a lovestory


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Maybelle lives in Little England and has to struggle through life day by day. Until one day an opportunity comes along for her that will change everything! An excerpt: "Much and nothing." We were only a few millimetres away from our lips. I felt a drop of rain on the tip of my nose, a few seconds later it was pouring down. As if the rain had shaken me awake, I was brought back to reality. "Nicolas, I can't, I'm sorry." I left him and ran through the rain back to the palace. When I was dry, the water ran off me like a rivulet. What had I almost done? I would have put his life at risk. My heart had skipped a beat at his touch. I was not allowed to feel that way about him. I hate you my heart, I hate you!


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