Character Bio

AN: Keep in mind a few things in here are subject to change.


Name: Kyle Redfield

Age: 19 close to 20

Born: 2001

Birth Day: October 22

Blood Type- AB Negative

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Likes: Silence, Food, Growing Stronger, People with Strong Will, and Those who strive to make a difference.

Dislikes: Perverts, Criminals, and those who doubt others.




-Hamon (With a second stage sorta like balance breaker from dxd.)

-Hermit Purple (Unlocked)

-Star Platinum (Sealed)

-Soul Bound Weapon (Send some suggestions)

Background- A College students who finished his first year. He has had a decent life nothing to major, and studied hard to get into a great school. Lives on his own but visits his parents who live about an hour or two from the school he goes to.

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