3 The story of the gods

As you started off to read the book you settled in a seat and opened to the front page. It started as…

A long time ago before the four kingdoms rose their was two gods. One a face that looks rotten from the bottom of the nose down while the other a pale Beauty. They both were brothers born from nothing. They had no purpose at first till they started to use their powers. They gave themselves names. The pale beauty named death one who brought destruction and the end to things. The rotten face named life who gave things beauty.

You thought to yourself wow they are not what they seem. You then continued to read.

Life then made creations of people and animals. Their was a few families that he made. These families helped each other and could do almost anything together.

Soon they started to fight. Life saw how they turn in each other. He looked to his brother for help. His brother said with everything made by you their will always be a little bit of me. They both decided to go down to those people. Life was too worried he would lose what he made. All the families then saw their power and bowed to them.

They were worshipped every day by them. Both life and death had no idea why. As they looked around what life created they documented their findings and while they did the families grew. Soon they became a kingdom. The four families did not want to share the land they were given. The gods came back to a war. Life weeped he did not want this to happen. Death put a curse on the four families.

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This curse says the four heads of the house holds will die a horrible death and for as long as they are at war the more and more their families will suffer. Both gods then left their land. In the middle where the four lands meet lay the stone statues both of their faces covered because of masks.

Then the story ends and their is ripped pages. You assume the story continues but why if it explains everything. You then shut the book and get up to get something to eat. You notice it has gotten colder and that it is late. You start to walk around to look for something warm. You find nothing of course and head back to the library. Then you slowly drift to sleep..