1 Strange world

You wake up and around you is trees covered with white powder. At first you think it is snow but it is not. The white powder turned out to be sugar. The trees looked strange as if they were chocolate. Their was a cold breeze and you felt shivers up your spine. It was getting cold so you decided to go find a shelter. As you walked along you find a pathway that is covered in rocks. The rocks were kind of clear and the dirt was weird. So you taste it. OREO AND ROCK CANDY?! This place was like a candy dream. You then followed the path and thought about this strange place.

You then come across a town it was like Christmas and candy put into one! As you walked around it was like no one lived there then you see a giant cube in the middle of the town. You then see some people. Finally! As you walk to them you see them bowing to the cube. A women that looks like a peppermint stands up then turns and looks at you.

Who are you. What are you doing here. Are you from the south. No the west?! This women seem to hate you. Then she walks away quickly taking her kids with her. You notice more and more candy looking people stare at you. Some terrified others mad. You start to yell out what is going on. Then everyone looks confused and a little chocolate chip cookie person walks up to you. Are you not from here? You nod your head yes. She then says do you have any idea where you are? You look at her and nod your head no. It's like she was reading your mind. Everyone whisper to each other and it's probably about you. The little girl grabs you by the hand and smiles. Here let me take you to our queen.

As she takes you to the palace everyone stares as you go by. You feel like all eyes are on you. You then look forward and see a big palace. It shimmering in the sun. It look like a long walk through. She then brings a horse to you and it looks like Carmel candy that is melting. She helps you up and then gets on it herself. She then says to hold on tight and so you do and then you see both of you are going fast. You were amazed at how fast you both were going. Then a sudden stop. You were there and pretty quick for that matter. She hops off them helps you off. She tells the guards stand down they are with me. She then leads you in.

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This seems to go by so quicks you have only been here for a bit and you are already in the palace?! You walk down the long white hallway as the small girl leads you to the queen. You then ask for her name. Oh! I'm so sorry I'm chip. In the candy kingdom we tend to take things fast. It's probably form all this wonderful sugar. You look at her wondering what she meant. You then realize oh sugar rush that's what is going on. But how do you all not get sick from all the sugar you ask. As you keep walking she says it's because of the East's sea weed it's great for our systems. The East? So their is more places you think to yourself. You then approached a big white room with candy everywhere. Then a pale girl sleeping in a chair. She then wakes up. My queen we have a strange visitor for you. She slowly puts her hand in a bucket . She then stuffs her face with candy. Her eyes then widened and she shot up out of her chair. Alright I'm awake please proceed. Chip then bow to her and says my queen this strange visitor has come into our town she must not be from here. The queen then walks over to you. Wow you are a marvelous creature.. What are you?

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