Half God, Full Mischief Book

novel - Fantasy

Half God, Full Mischief


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Ermess, son of Poseidon and Medusa, is a demigod, who has lived his entire life pissing off other gods, goddesses and titans alike. At the age of 24, he was already on the list of most mischievious gods, and second only to Loki, the God of mischief himself. Everyone knows his deep hate for Athena but what happens when he makes a deal with Eros and descends down to earth?. What happens when a demigod who has never been in line to the throne of Gods is suddenly given the reigns to manage Earth?. His mischieviousness lands him Cupid's schemes and he falls in love with an earthling even as he rivals with Loki for the title of King of Mischief.


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