1 Strange.

Nolle's POV

Laying down on the bed I sit up looking around my newly furnished room. I had just unpacked all of my things and was exhausted. I had another 2 weeks before school started so I decided to take a look around the neighborhood. I stood up grabbing my purse, phone, charger, and headphones.

I run to my parents room to tell them I was leaving but like always they were gone, so were my siblings coming to think about it, it was very quiet. I huffed grabbing my coat making my way out of the door. I put in my headphones and started playing "Drunk in love" by Beyoncé taking in the scenery. I pulled my coat a bit tighter because it was very cold. My phone rung making me jump before checking it. Seeing that it was my best friend Jayda calling I instantly picked up.

"Hey bestiboo wassup?" I asked smiling down at my phone as she appeared in the camera.

"I have very exciting news" Jayda said grinning into the camera. She was definitely up to something.

"And that is?" I question lookin up to make sure I didn't bump into anything or anyone.

"I'm moving to London with you!!" She screamed doing a happy dance. My eyes instantly goes wide then I started dancing with my eyes closed. I guess I wasn't looking where I was going- well I knew I wasn't. I bumped into someone making me drop my phone. I went to apologize to the person but they were gone I looked behind me and seen a talk figure walking away. I just shrugged and continued with my conversation.

"When will you be here mamas?" I asked with a smile on my face.

"Actually" she flipped her camera around and showed me the airport. "I'm already here love you're parents are picking me up as we speak" she said making me cry tears of joy.

"Okay I'll see you when you get here" I said turning around making my way back home.

"Okay bye bye" she says hanging up making me out my phone back in my pocket.

I smile my whole way home ready to see my best friend that I had been away from for about 3 days. Happy that I wouldn't have to go to my new school alone.

Hades POV

Huffing I take a seat on my porch watching people walk pass. Watching car drive pass. I hate people they're loud and annoying honestly. Suddenly my phone rings bringing me out of my wonderful thoughts. I grab my phone out of my pocket looking at the caller ID. Seeing that it was Ares I roll my eyes answering it.

"What" I answer the phone harshly. Not that mean to I'm naturally that way.

"Asshole. Come to the spot" Ares mumbles making me scrunch my face.

"Speak louder, I hate it when you mumble you know this" I say biting my lip watching the my surroundings.

"Come the spot bye." Ares says then hangs up. I'm use to it by now but it's still rude.

I stuff my hand into my pocket along with my phone starting my walk. Ten minutes into my walk something- someone bumped into me. I glance at her she was breathtakingly beautiful. I sped up my pace walking away from her even asking if she was okay. How rude I know. I just don't give a fuck honestly. I keep walking until I'm at the club we were meeting at. I nod at the bouncer who shouldn't even be at work at 5pm on a Friday. Why is the club even open at 5pm?

Who the fuck wants to come to a smelly club with loud music at 5pm? Apparently hundreds of lowlives with nothing else to do but drink they're problems away did. The club was packed per usual. I make my way through sweaty bodies pushing drunks out of my way as I make it upstairs and the the private area. I'm instantly greeted with the smell of weed, alcohol, and mint. I take a seat next to Ares rolling my eyes.

"Why is the club opened? Do people have anything better to do?" I asked honestly annoyed at the rowdy people before me.

"I don't know nor care as long as I'm paid" Ares says shrugging as a girl with blonde hair sit on his lap.

My face turns up in disgust. She had no respect for herself I could tell. Her dress was super short barely covered her bum. Her breast almost popped out of her sleeveless dress- I could tell they were fake just like her ass. I bit my lip before grabbing the bottle of whiskey beside me taking a swallow.

"Make her go away. Now." I tell Ares running my hand through my hair pulling it into a bun with the hair tie around my wrist. I watch as he whispers some in her ear and just like that she was gone.

"You're an ass Hades" Ares huffs out with an attitude.

I shrug taking another swing at the bottle. "She was ugly I helped you out brother and since we clearly have no business to discuss I'm gone be leaving you to your hoes" I say standing up.

Without another word I'm out the door and on my way home. I enter my house about 20 minutes later locking the doors I walk up to my room ignoring my mother as she calls out to me. I strip from my clothes climbing into my bed. I put my phone on the charger and lay down falling into a deep sleep.

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