1 The beginning

"Everything… It's, It's so dark." Ari said while floating in pitch darkness.

"I'm so lonely and cold. Why am I alone in this Darkness." She thought to herself.

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Ari floated in the darkness crying, waiting for the light to come to her, but it never did.

"I must find the light, I have to find it!" She screamed! She screamed and tried to swim out the darkness but no matter how far she went she couldn't find anything.

"If I can't find the light… What if I try to make it?"

She thought to herself. So Ari used all her energy she had and created a ball of fire; and over time it grew bigger and bigger.

Until one day it was so big it lit up the whole universe. She had light!

She created the biggest ball of fire anyone could imagine, and she named it the Sun.

"I now can see everything!" she thought.

But, there was nothing to see, everything was still empty.

"I don't understand why is there nothing, even after I made light." She said sadly.

"I have just enough energy to create something I could rest on. But… it can't be made like this Sun I made, It's too hot to rest on."

So Ari made a blue, clear, liquid and named it water. She put it into a big ball just like the Sun's shape. But when she went to rest on the water, she fell right through it!

"What!!!!" She screamed. "Why can't I rest on what I made. I'm so tired… what can I do with this water."

Ari was slowly falling to sleep because she was so tired and she swallowed some water. When she swallowed the water she realized that she felt relieved and it helped her. "WOW! This helps so much! I will keep this water to give me more energy. Now that I have my energy back… I will try once again to have something to rest on." Ari said.

So Ari tried again, she made a brown powder that she named dirt and squashed it all together really hard and set it on top of some of the water.

Ari was so happy! She had a place to sleep and water to drink; she made plants to give her energy too, and also fed the plants water to grow just like her!

"I finally have something, I will name this world the Earth! This universe is no longer darkness. But, but why… Why do I still feel empty inside?" she thought to herself. "Is there anyone else like me out there? I know if there is I will never find them. I know I can't wait for it to show up, I will make it just like I made this Earth!" She shouted loudly.

So Ari made all kinds of beings she called animals. There were ones that lived in the water that were hundreds of times bigger than her and others that were as small as her fingernail.

She made animals that could fly and soar the skies and she made animals that could live with her on the land. They were all shapes and sizes and all loved Ari, She was there mother. Ari had one last creation she wanted to make. It was someone that was just like her. A human!

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