1 The Wrong Boy Who Lived

Hadrian Potter was 1 year old when it happened. When the Dark Lord attacked the family hideout in Godric's Hollow. When Hadrian Potter had vanquished Lord Voldemort. However, he would never receive credit for the feat. Instead, it went to his brother, Arthur Potter.


In a crib, laid two young boys, twins. One of the boys had light brown hair, frizzy and untamed with hazel eyes to match, the other had deep black hair, also untamed but in a way that fit the child. His most prominent feature would have to be his iridescent eyes that seemed to change colour every so often. Eyes that flared and pulsed with magic, eyes that felt like they could see through you.

In the dead of night, Hadrian's eyes opened suddenly. He was only a babe, but he could still feel the way the surrounding magic contorted and moved unnaturally, the sense of dread that permeated and engulfed the house.

He looked around his room, innocent eyes scanning - unsure of what it was that could send off this kind of pressure. His eyes focused on the corner of his room, this specific area had caused his eyes to hurt and was where he felt his magic react strongly.

''Oh..?'', croaked out from the mysterious entity in the corner of the room.

''I didn't think you would be able to notice me... it seems that the prophecy had some validity to it. A child no older than three being able to sense the presence of the strongest wizard since Merlin himself!'', the intruder cried out.

His exclamation had garnered the attention of Hadrian's parents and awoken Arthur who began to cry. The figure quickly brandished his wand and cast a barrier spell that prevented entry from the door. Meanwhile, James Potter and Lily Potter ( nee Evans) frantically tried to open the door. When met with failure, Lily quickly cast the exploding charm on the door and blast it into pieces.

James and Lily exploded with anger as they watched the hooded figure, who they knew to be Lord Voldemort, etch closer and closer to their children's cots. No amount of blasting curses or exploding curses damaged the shield that blocked them from saving their children.

In the midst of all the chaos, Hadrian potter remained quiet.

Suddenly, a wave of magic began to build up inside of Hadrian, Voldemort felt this and hurriedly pointed his wand at Hadrian, the tip of his wand glowing a light emerald green.

Hadrian unconsciously released the magic that built inside him and forced it in the direction of the Dark Lord. It was at this exact moment that Voldemort had fired the killing curse at Hadrian, however it had missed. Instead, it flew towards Arthur, who hadn't stopped crying since he had woken up.

Yet more magic burst from Hadrian, narrowly shielding his sibling from all harm but for a deep jagged cut to his brow. Strangely, the curse was sent back towards Voldemort who shrieked out a deafening scream just as the curse hit him directly and his body dropped to the ground lifelessly. James and Lily swiftly ran towards the cot as the barrier dispelled. They were shocked to see a slightly bleeding scar in the shape of a lightning bolt engraved on Arthur's forehead. After crying tears of joy at the realization of Voldemort's death and their children's survival, James grabbed Arthur leaving Hadrian in the cot.

He lifted Arthur up and exclaimed, ''Thank god!'

The young parents checked the boy carefully, fretting over him and coddling him out of fear that he may disappear somehow.

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