2 The Prophecy

The sound of an apparition could be heard outside the cottage a while after Voldemort's body slowly disappeared into nothingness. Three people walked into the room in which the hectic ordeal occurred, two were familiar to the young boys, the other however was not.

The familiar faces were Hadrian and Arthur's grandparents, Charlus Potter and Dorea Black. The unfamiliar figure was the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, among other titles, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

He had worry spread across his face - the worry of seeing the offspring of his favourite students die but to his relief, he was met with two perfectly healthy children being held by their parents. The only thing puzzling him was the scar carved into the younger one's forehead.

'Could this be what the prophecy was speaking about?' he thought fervently, 'however, the prophecy could be interpreted in a myriad of ways..'

He brushed his thoughts away for later and embraced James and Lily. He would definitely have to speak to them about this at a different time. There was also the matter of the dark magic residue leaking from the younger boy, an effect from an encounter with Tom and his ritual magic most likely.

He was brought out of his musings by the stern and authoritative voice of Charlus Potter,

'' James, I told you that not learning the Potter rune magic would have been a detriment to your children's safety!'', he said seriously- a hint of disappointment and concern flashed on his face.

''Now look! You endangered your two children, you're lucky that they survived.''

James had nothing to say, he knew he had no excuse for his laziness; with his talent in transfiguration, he would have been able to learn the Potter Rune Arts, if only he hadn't goofed around with his mates. He looked for a way to break the silence - unable to, Lily came to his rescue,

'' At least my babies are safe now, all thanks to Arthur here'' she said as she gazed lovingly at Arthur.

''What do you mean?'' asked Dorea, ''How could a four-year-old vanquish The Dark Lord?''.

''We don't know how, but we saw it with our own eyes - Arthur here'', James remarked while pointing, '' used accidental magic to reflect the killing curse back at Voldemort.''

Albus's eyes flashed with delight. 'This boy is definitely the one the prophecy was talking about.

However, if Arthur is the boy-who-lived, all our efforts are going to have to be spent on training him. After all, he is the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord. I'll just leave it be for a while, James and Lily will be more susceptible to let go of Hadrian after some time has passed.'

On the other hand, Charlus and Dorea did not buy it, how could it be that someone, not even Dumbledore could best- was defeated by a child - It was unheard of!

Just as they were about to voice their disbelief, the door burst open.

''Lily! James!'' was the relieved exclamation from Remus and Sirius.

''Moony! Padfoot!'' James cried out as he ran up to hug them - however, he stopped halfway.

''What's wrong?'' asked Remus.

''Peter.'' was the deadpan voice of Sirius's voice. ''He was the secret-keeper, he was the one who sold James and Lily out.''

Remus tightened his fist angrily, '' I'll kill him for this- that COWARD!'' he shouted fiercely.

Sirius put a hand on his shoulder to calm him.

''Sirius.'' was the indifferent voice of Dorea Black.

''Great Aunt Dorea.'', said the hopeful voice of Sirius - but to his dismay, he was interrupted sharply.

''You lost the privilege to call me that a long time ago - when you would rather play around with women than turn up to your own mother's funeral. You unfilial nephew!'' was the raspy retort that came from Dorea.

Sirius looked down to the ground, unable to meet Dorea's piercing gaze.

Charlus stepped in front of Dorea and guided her out of the room and down the steps while muttering words of comfort.

Lily decided that was enough drama and allowed the children to sleep, carefully placing the children back into their cot. She gently kissed Arthur's scar and Hadrian's cheek. While everyone went down the steps into the living room- Hadrian remained ever so silent, just as he had always been throughout the whole ordeal.

After he used magic to subconsciously reflect Voldemort's curse, his eyes lost their iridescence and slowly began to mold into emerald-sea green eyes. No one noticed this, how could they when they had more important things to be thinking about, like the death of the wizard they had been fighting for so long.

Hadrian drifted off to sleep a while after...


It had been five weeks since the attack on the Potter Family's hideout and the fall of Voldemort. The news of the young Potter's survival of the killing curse and defeating of Voldemort became widespread. The Wizarding World was in shock. Children began to admire young Arthur Potter. Books and News Articles on what happened quickly filled the shelves, they had dubbed Arthur 'The-Boy-Who-Lived'.

It was after the three weeks that James and Lily had received an urgent floo summon from Albus requesting them to come into his office in Hogwarts to talk about his concerns regarding Arthur and Hadrian. The first one to emerge from the floo was James, he had looked terribly tired, it was obvious that the last three weeks had taken a toll on him as his face was decorated with wrinkles and eye bags. Lily didn't look much better, of course, she walked in with Arthur holding her hand. They had had to live with James's parents for the last three weeks due to the number of stalkers and reporters that hounded them in search of 'The-Boy-Who-Lived'.

The next to emerge from the floo was Charlus and Dorea with Hadrian walking in front of them. Charlus looked at Hadrian, 'He is only a child but he's walking with relative ease and grace' he thought proudly.

They were met with Dumbledore sitting on his desk with Fawkes, his Phoenix sat on his perch.

James and Lily sat down in the chairs with Arthur sitting on Lily's lap. Hadrian stood next to his grandparents - on the side where Fawkes was situated because he was awfully intrigued by the strange bird.

'' What is it you called us for, Headmaster?'', was the sleepy query that came from Lily.

''As you know, Voldemort was defeated by Arthur''- after a momentary sigh, Albus continued, ''However, I have reason to believe that he will return sometime in the future.''

''What do you mean...he's returning?'', asked Lily who was clearly in turmoil in light of the recent news. She was sure that she had seen Voldemort die, how on earth could he come back?

''I know not how or when only that he will. I have visited the Hall of Prophecy's and the Prophecy remains,''- Albus let out another sigh, ''The scar on Arthur's head is proof that he is the Chosen One''.

The couple looked even more sullen than they had since their arrival, ''That's terrible news!'' shouted James, frowning with discontent.

''However, that isn't the only reason why I called you in today.'', worry began to overcome the once gleeful appearance of James and Lily.

'' I'm afraid that with the recent discovery of Arthur's achievement, the safety of you're children is something that could be compromised. Which is why I think it would be best ....if we separate them for a few years.''

Anger permeated from all of the adults in the room, save for Dumbledore and James.

Lily was brimming with anger, to separate her from her child and make it so he would rarely ever see her was a thought that made her maternal instincts flare.

James placed a comforting hand on her thigh, she knew that James wasn't one to make decisions lightly. She clenched her jaw and submitted. She knew that Arthur would have to be heavily looked after and trained, so they wouldn't have time to look after Hadrian.

They hadn't noticed that Hadrian had stopped with his studying of Fawkes and began to shake with panic. Hadrian had always been an observant child, he could remember everything he read and saw with ease so he was academically gifted and understood what was happening.

''Do you have someone in mind? To take care of Harry, I mean.'', came the downcast voice of James, discontent evident on his face.

''We will.'', declared the resolute voice of Charlus Potter.

''How far have you fallen James? To abandon your child on the whims of a potty old man!'' Charlus shouted, his steely eyes focused on James' and Lily's visage. ''Much less the Heir Presumptive to House Potter!''.

A gasp emerged from the couple. ''What do you mean father?'', croaked the bewildered voice of James.

''What I said was very clear. I will not have any cowards in my family. You would rather throw out your son - your own flesh and blood than protect him with your life.''

''It's to keep Hadrian safe,'' said Dumbledore, trying his best to diffuse the situation.

''Stay out of our family's affairs Albus,'' said Dorea, causing Dumbledore to submit and stay quiet, he couldn't handle offending the influential family head of House Black or House Potter.

''James Fleamont Potter, you are no longer Heir Apparent of House Potter and instead, the role shall go to Hadrian Charlus Potter, so mote it be,'' said Charlus with his wand pointed to the ceiling. His wand tip flashed a bright white before quickly disappearing.

Distress filled the hearts of Albus, James, and Lily. More so, James - he had just lost his son and his family position. Essentially, he was disowned.

Before anyone could speak a word, Dorea grabbed Hadrian and Charlus's hand and walked back to the floo and called for, 'Black Ancestral Manor', engulfed in the green fire, Hadrian was taken away.

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