5 Aunriton Academy Of The Arcane

Hadrian and Charlus stood outside in the courtyard. Hadrian had just gotten his wand yesterday and was excited to finally be learning magic.

''There are three things you need to know about magic. It isn't just waving a wand and saying an incantation - these three things are the base of all magic and is something you will not get taught when you go to Aunriton.'' Charlus said, making sure Hadrian was listening attentively. ''These three things are Intent, Will, and Control. The intent is what you want you're magic to do. Will - the belief that your Spell will work. Finally, Control - the ability to use your magic efficiently and using the right amount of power in your spells.''

Hadrian nodded, everything his grandfather had said had sounded right.

Charlus pointed at a large bucket of water that was beside them and said, '' When you can levitate that and move it around you before returning it to its spot, I will let you attend Aunriton.''

Charlus kept a calm facade however on the inside he was laughing - he intended to let Hadrian go to Aunriton anyways but the distressed face Hadrian was making was too amusing.

'' Now Hadrian boy, relax. Why don't we first start with learning the wand movements. This little exercise will help increase your control.'' Charlus said while prompting Hadrian to pick up his wand.

Hadrian followed his grandpa's movements earnestly until he said, '' I will be back in an hour, by then I expect you to have mastered the movements and then we will move on to the incantation.''

Hadrian practiced for thirty minutes, his movements had now become very fluid. He decided that for the remainder of the thirty minutes he would try to blend his Martial Arts with Wand - Work.

Charlus walked in looking impressed that Hadrian had the creativity and initiative to compile his Martial Arts knowledge with spell casting. What Hadrian didn't know was that he had unknowingly created a style of duelling never seen before.

''Alright - that's enough now lad. Now its time for the casting, the incantation for the levitation charm is - 'Wingardium Leviosa'. Don't forget to say it while doing the movements.'' said Charlus

Hadrian nodded and with a determined face he said, ''Wingardium Leviosa!''.

As he said this, the inscriptions on his wand began to glow. Hadrian moved the bucket around the courtyard with speed - but never did a single droplet escape from the bucket.

He had done it! He had flawlessly performed the spell!

Charlus's thoughts began racing, 'the boy's potential is limitless! He is only seven but can flawlessly perform the levitation charm on his first try... Granted that is an easier spell - but some first years struggle to do the charm, let alone a seven-year-old!'

''Well done Hadrian! I was going to give you this a week from now when you leave to go to Aunriton but seeing your skills had made me reconsider - here, study hard,'' said Charlus as he handed Hadrian a satchel, half-opened to reveal an assortment of books.

''Thank you, Grandpa, I promise I'll try my hardest to learn everything!'' said Hadrian smiling so hard that his cheeks threatened to rip apart.

Charlus smiled but sweatdropped at this. He wouldn't have to try hard! Since he was adopted by his grandparents he had read nearly all the books (not the magical ones ) in the Black Family Library and could perfectly recall the information in any book he was asked to.

Hadrian ran up to his room and went to read all his books.

'' I will not let grandfather down! I will make sure to be the best student Aunriton has ever had.'' Hadrian exclaimed, head buried between a book on transfiguration.


One week had passed and Hadrian was ready to leave for Aunriton. He stood outside the entrance beside Charlus as Dorea said her goodbye to him.

''Don't forget, you are a Black through-and-through. Always carry yourself in a way a future Lord Black should, with dignity.'' Dorea said, making sure that he understood his responsibilities. She gave him a tight hug and went back into the house.

'' Upon hearing that you will be going to Aunriton, our family friends decided to also send their children. They will also carry the same responsibilities as you, they are heirs of the Sacred 28 - don't worry, their families are Neutral, they are not Pureblood bigots like other families.'', said Charlus - seeing the concern on Hadrian's face after mentioning the 'Sacred 28'.

Hadrian nodded in acceptance. Charlus took that as a signal that he was ready to leave - and so he pulled out Hadrian's Aunriton acceptance letter and pressed the insignia that was in the shape of an 'A'.

The acceptance letter was a portkey, keyed so that it could only be used on that specific date. Furthermore, it could only be used during a specific time and by the family of the attendee.

Charlus landed perfectly on the wooden platform that made up a dock. In front was a large body of water as far as the eye could see - Hadrian was confused, where was the school?



Hadrian turned to face the voices and saw two children, around his age.

'It seems they moved during the Portkey's apparition causing them to land on their butts.' thought Hadrian.

One was a thin-looking boy - he was average looking, no discerning qualities about him.

The other was a girl - she had long, flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Hadrian locked eyes with her, the girl blushed and looked away from Hadrian. Confused, Hadrian turned to his grandfather.

Charlus held Hadrian by the shoulders and brought him to meet the parent that was stood behind the girl.

''Charlie! I see you made it, is this young Hadrian?'', said the father of the blonde girl, surveying Hadrian as Charlus walked behind him.

''I thought I told you to never call me that, Cyrus.'', Charlus said - eyebrow twitching as he shook Cyrus's hand very tightly.

''Hadrian, this is my longtime friend - Cyrus Greengrass, Lord of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Greengrass,'' Charlus announced while his friend stuck out his chest.

''Pleasure to meet you, Lord Greengrass. I am Hadrian Charlus Black.'' Hadrian professed as he bowed to Cyrus.

''What a well-mannered child, Daphne - you would do well in learning from him,'' Cyrus said, impressed that someone so young could carry himself in such a distinguished manner. Cyrus thought that this attitude was fitting for an Heir. ''Daphne, say hello.''

'' Hello -! '', Daphne stuck out her hand for Hadrian to shake, but still refused to look at him.

Hadrian took her hand and kissed the back of it, ''Hadrian Black - a pleasure to meet you, Daphne.''

The adults chuckled at Hadrian's antics while Daphne pouted, her blush so deep in color that it was expected for her to pass out any second.

''Ahem - Charlus, how are you my friend?'', said a voice emanating from behind Cyrus Greengrass.

''Archie! Won't even say hello to me - huh? I thought we were friends!'', said Cyrus - a playful tone present in his voice.

'' I thought I told you not to call me that, Cyrus.'' said the man, eyebrow twitching and teeth grinding in annoyance.

''Hadrian meet my other childhood friend - Archibald Nott, Lord of the Noble House Of Nott,'' Charlus said, ignoring the childish squabble of his close friends.

'' Greetings, Lord Nott. I am Hadrian Charlus Black.'' Hadrian once more repeated the respectable greeting with a bow.

Archibald Nott lightly slapped the back of the young child's head who Hadrian assumed was his son and said, ''See Theodore, this is how an heir should act! Go say hello!''.

'' Yo.'', came the nonchalant response from Theodore, '' My name's Theodore, you can call me Theo.''

Hadrian laughed, he found Theodore's greeting very funny. Theodore's father, however, did not, he slapped the back of Theodore's head again and said, '' Why do I even try! - honestly..'' and began muttering things about muggle television and other stuff Hadrian had no idea about.

The adults chuckled at the father-son duo's amusing banter.

Their light-hearted moment was brought to an end when a large submarine surfaced and blared a loud, "AH-OO-GAH".

The children's mouths dropped while their parents' faces remained indifferent.

The front of the submarine opened to show a young woman, around 20 years old.

''This way to Aunriton! I am Headmistress Ivy Rosewood - Hurry and board, what are ya waiting for?'' said the raspy-voiced Yankee.

Ivy had very dark, red hair coupled with grey eyes that matched perfectly. She was wearing scarlet red robes and black form-fitting trousers decorated with three belts and many pockets. She wore a white shirt with a blue badge with the letter 'A' for Aunriton on it.

Hadrian was the first one to respond and walked up to the submarine with Charlus right behind him.

''We'll miss you, Hadrian, Dorea, and I. If you ever feel like you want to talk to us, you can use the two - way mirror in your satchel,'' Charlus said as he ruffled Hadrian's hair and pushed him onto the submarine.

Daphne and Theo joined Hadrian soon after. The children looked back at their parents once more and waved goodbye before the submarine closed shut and began its descent down into the ocean.

''I already miss him.'', said Charlus - looking at the spot where the submarine was.

The old pair of friends nodded in agreement.


Meanwhile, Hadrian and his new friends went deeper and deeper into the seemingly never-ending submarine while Ivy spoke, '' Our Aunriton Academy is located deep underwater, don't worry! - the school is protected by the strongest shield wards and runes. You'll be able to breathe perfectly fine!'' Ivy said, noticing the distressed face Daphne was making.

''Huh. cool.'' came the lackadaisical response from Theo.

Hadrian nodded in admittance, 'that does sound cool', he thought.

''Here is your compartment,'' said Ivy as she opened the door to reveal a young brown-haired boy.

''This is Demetri, a second-year student of Aunriton Academy.''

Hadrian nodded and said, '' I'm Hadrian, this is Theo-'', Theo waved lazily, ''and this is Daphne.'' Daphne curtsied.

''Hey there, I'll be showing you around the Academy when we get there. You can change into the uniform when you get to your dorms,'' said Demetri, greeting the trio with a smile.

The trio nodded and sat beside each other facing Demetri.

The light then turned off and the compartment was in darkness; the compartment didn't have any windows.

''Is this supposed t-'' Daphne stopped talking when she saw the walls of the outside of the submarine slide down and reveal a huge school covered in a massive dome. The school looked so bright and luxurious, it was decorated by golden sea stones to make it shine.

Daphne and Hadrian both had the same thought, 'The school looks so beautiful..'

While Theo's was, 'Cool.'

As they were thinking that, fishes swim past the window, some could even be seen bumping into the dome that covered the school.

At the back of the school, a massive arena could be seen.

''That's our duelling arena, only 3rd years can use it though,'' said Demetri, disappointment laden in his voice.

Hadrian smiled, causing Daphne to blush once more. 'This is gonna be fun.' thought Hadrian.

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