Hadrian Black : The Abandoned ProdigyHadrian Black : The Abandoned Prodigy

Hadrian Black : The Abandoned Prodigy

by Mikk

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Abandoned by his parents in favor of raising Arthur, The Boy Who Lived, Hadrian is taken in by his Grandparents. Watch his life as it is filled with exploration of the Wizarding World and Magic in its entirety! This is the story of Lord Hadrian Black, head of house: Potter, Black, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Peverell. AU. That means that this is is going to have quite a lot of differences if you are going by the canon storyline. If you do choose to read this story, please do so with the knowledge that it is a different story with new characters and canon characters with slight personality changes. There will also be bashing in this story.

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