1 Sophie's late nights

The night is actually gradually coming to end as Linda is anxiously waiting for her daughter to return, she pulled down the window blind and can see the dark nights. The neighbouring houses is so quiet,no noise,you can break the silence with the cut of a knife or even or even a pin drop. She leaned against the wall and was waiting

As she leaned against the wall,she heard some footsteps,somebody trying to tiptoe her way to her room. But unfortunately for Sophie her mum was already waiting for her. Immediately her mum called. " Sophie why have you suddenly start keep late nights" . Sophie's heart skipped because she never expected her mum to be awake by that time of the day "Mummy what are you doing still awake you got me scared" she asked her mother. " I ask you again where are you from" Linda asked her daughter back with all seriousness in her face. " Look at the time you using to come back to my house in such an ungodly hour,no responsible girl will be seen outside her home by this time reeking of alcohol ". Immediately she replied" mummy what is all this all about I went partying with my friends at the neighbouring town" she told her mother in such a rudely manner" Linda stepped forward and gave her a heavy knock on her head. "Mum" Sophie yelled in pain with tears on her face"

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When Linda saw the tears on her daughter's face she tried as much as she can to control her own tears she held on for so long from her past life from streaming down her cheeks as she,but unfortunately she couldn't .

Sophie was shocked seeing her mother in tears,because all her life she has always known her mum to be a strong woman,very articulative and assertive. She cleaned her tears and went to her mum and asked " mother what is going on,why are you crying " Linda looked up at her daughter and said " Sophie my daughter am just worried and concerned about your life ,I don't want you to make the same mistakes I made while I was at your age". Sophie became confused and more worried" mom I don't understand what you are talking about" Linda looked up again and said " my daughter am glad you are home safely,go and sleep, I will tell you why another day"

Sophie being so curios to know exactly what happened told her " No mum I can't wait for another I want to know now I can't leave you in tears like this" her mum smiled and said " okay sit down in front of me I will tell you" Sophie couldn't wait for her to finish she immediately brought a sit and sat down in front of her mother and said " yes mummy am all ears " Linda said with a sad look on her face and said " I am feeling so weak right now but if I don't tell you this it might be too late" Sophie immediately asked "too late? for what" "remember when I told you last week that I will be going for checkups in the hospital, the doctor tested me and found out I have cancer of the breast" she said with a very sad look on her face. Sophie looked at her mum crying

Linda couldn't bear to see her daughter crying in that manner"my daughter I am so sorry but you have to be strong for me" Sophie called out in anger with tears on her face" no mummy I don't want to loose you" Linda holding her daughter's hand " look my daughter the result has not been confirmed yet,the result will be out in a month,and we must still die anyways" Linda stood up clasping her hands she told her mum "so mummy this is what you have been going through all alone and you didn't even bother to let us know at least share in your pain" Linda stood up holding her daughter from behind whispered into her ears " you know your mother loves you so much and wants the best for you so I didn't want to bother you with my pathetic past I'll health, remember you have a school to attend and your books to read" Sophie turned her back " look mum already modified and you are not helping me with the way you are going with this issue at all" Linda said " look my dear,I didn't mean to scare you but I think is the right time for you to know the mistakes I made in the past which I don't want you to follow my footsteps " Sophie immediately asked "sorry mum I still don't know what you are talking about, which mistake" Linda replied her daughter looking sad" my child I decided to keep the details of my past from you and your brother" Sophie looking all shocked and surprised asked her mother " seriously mum all this years,how could you?"she added" mum the more you talk the more confused I get"

Linda stepped backward and said "I understand because of the weight of the secrets I have borne all my life,Sophie my daughter it is not easy revealing a secret that has been hunting you down for so long with such a painful story" Sophie held her mums hand saying " look mum I know but you have to start form somewhere and get rid of all them so that you can set your mind free from those demons from your past, just start from somewhere " Linda looking up at her daughter thanking God for giving her such an angel as a child but the devil wants to manipulate her in which she as a mother will resist such devil.

Linda said "thank you so much my child I have heard you,it all began in the year 1964 in Delta state" Sophie sat down she then started....

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