1 Traveled back to six years ago

Border of Xia Empire, Dongshan city

Within a shady warehouse near the seashore, on a circular table, there were seven to eight computer hosts placed, dozens of monitors and a highly advanced civilian server.

In addition to these, there was a black carbine rifle M4A1 equipped with a silencer and a tactical belt loaded with four ammunition clips.

A young man wearing spectacles which has a pale facial expression but sharp eyes; was sitting on a swivel chair and methodically typing on the keyboard.

Next to the keyboard, was a Clock 18 pistol quietly lying on the table. It had a black body with a matte silencer, releasing an air of danger.

This youngster, his name is Shi Lei; nicknamed as Stone, Strange Stone and Stone Brother...

Shi Lei wore a Bluetooth headset as his gaze moved across the four screens far right of him.

The screens show live footage of the situation around the warehouse, the small alley leading to the warehouse as well as the sky view of it were displayed.

In the screen, at the small alley besides the warehouse, there was a high speed motorcycle parked which was prepared beforehand as a means for Shi Lei to escape in case something unexpected happen.

These images were so clear which obviously indicated that the surveillance cameras being used were all high-definition!

"Everything is normal!"

Shi Lei was relieved in his mind as he saw that there was no unwanted accident happening.

"Toot toot~~"

His Bluetooth earplugs emitted a soft sound. Shi Lei then pressed something on his Bluetooth earplugs.

"Number one, preparations complete?"

A voice which had undergone some electronic changes travelled into Shi Lei's ears from the Bluetooth earplugs.

"Number one is ready. Falcon, please instruct!"

Shi Lei's voice, also has undergone electronic changes before getting transmitted through his Bluetooth earplugs.

"Number one, wait for Falcon's command!"

"Number one understand!" Shi Lei finished his sentence but eventually couldn't restrain himself, "Calling for Falcon!"

"Number one, what circumstances do you have?" A hint of dissatisfaction could be heard from Falcon's voice even after undergoing electronic changes.

"Falcon, number one requests for communication!"

"Toot, toot~"

"Number one, communication established. What circumstances do you have to report?" Falcon's tone was very serious.

Shi Lei's face was pale; it looked like he was about to throw up.

"Falcon, after this mission, the organisation promised me that they would help me getting discharged at once right?"

"Shut up!"

Falcon was very furious. "Number one, we are now in a mission. Whatever you want to ask, wait till our mission ends!"


** The communication was cut off and Shi Lei was brought back to the regular communication channel.

Shi Lei clenched both his fists. With rapid breathing and the rhythmic up and down motion of his chest, the anger kept brimming.

"I hope that this organisation can be trusted, or else..."

"The data that I have in my hands should be sufficient enough for the organisation!"

To the east of Dongdan city, Wosang Empire and Lijian Empire were both holding a joint fleet exercise.

These two world military powers were showing off their strong military might to the whole world.

Lijian Empire's aircraft carrier, the ship-based centre of the airplane with unmanned airplanes, Wosang Empire's amphibious landing craft as well as the army support system were put into practice.

Lijian Empire's aircraft carrier, the home of countless unmanned airplanes, first they flew up into the sky and began to advance while scouting the surrounding as well as proceeding to annihilate of target exercise.

A total of ten unmanned airplanes were hovering in the sky without any sound produced.

At the carrier deck, sea jet fighters were getting ready to take off to the sky too and join the exercise together.

Wosang Empire's amphibious landing ship, was approaching an imaginary enemy island. Under the cover of Lijian Empire's jets, they advanced to the shore and began the operation.

These two world military powers, the fighting capability which was displayed really shocked the entire world!

However, another event which was going to shock the world even more was happening at this moment.

"Calling number one, invade the data link of Laji Mihao!"

Shi Lei's both hands, were beating on the keyboards like two dancing butterflies.

"Report to Falcon, data link penetration successful, activating shared connection!"

Laji Mihao, it was really the aircraft carrier of the Lijian Empire!

Shi Lei without doubt is one of the world's top hackers!

He was representing the organisation to invade one of the two world best military powers in an attempt to gain a part of the authority controlling the aircraft carrier of Lijian Empire; searching for some of the information they needed.

"Calling number one, simulate Laji Mihao's normal command communication!"

"Number one, roger!"

Shi Lei began to work on his keyboard intensely. Under normal circumstances, even with the support of a top supercomputer, to achieve such a feat of invading an aircraft carrier from the outside, was almost an impossible task!

But Shi Lei's organisation actually abruptly obtained a remote login access of Lijian Empire's Laji Mihao aircraft carrier.

Because of this, the invasion became less difficult.

"Hehe, the Lijian Empire's aircraft carriers defense is not really as strong as what the legend said!"

When Shi Lei completed the task given by Falcon, he still had some spare time. Thus, he was idling around the operating system of Laji Mihao.

"Calling number one, crack the communication password!"

Receiving the latest command from Falcon, Shi Lei nearly vomited out blood.

Crack the communication password?

Is this some kind of international joke!

An aircraft communication password, the security of it is extremely high. To rely just on his broken computer and a highly advanced civilian server, to crack the password, it`s just an absolute impossible feat!

"Reporting to Falcon, please repeat the command!"

Shi Lei thought that Falcon's command was wrongly conveyed. Perhaps it was a command for another member but Falcon accidentally conveyed that to him.

The organization which he was working with, possess remarkable abilities, extremely powerful!

Otherwise, it would not have the idea to disrupt the joint exercise!

"Number one, crack the password of the communication channel. Repeating the command, crack the communication password of Laji Mihao!"

Shi Lei's forehead was covered in cold sweat. In a few breaths later, did he get himself right back on track.

"If I die, then lets die!"

Shi Lei's fingers, their actions were too fast and blurry, as they were dancing on top of the keyboard at a very fast rate.

In the entire warehouse, there was only the sound of the fan rotating and the typing sound from the keyboard.

"Ding dong ding dong ding dong!!!!"

His bluetooth headset was emitting a warning sound.

In the middle of the monitor screen, a pop up window appeared which stated a warning.

Laji Mihao's security personnel seemed to have detected the attempt of the invasion and now began the backtracking!

If during normal times, Shi Lei would instantly halted his action and destroy all the evidence and traces of his invasion; give up and run for his life.

However, this time, it was the effort of the whole organisation. If he failed this time, the other members would also fail.

The responsibility to the organisation, Shi Lei absolutely could not afford to ignore that!

To such a mysterious organisation, Shi Lei had a deep fear .

If he screwed up this time, he would definitely be 'mysteriously missing.'

"F*ck, I will fight this till the end!"

Shi Lei immediately established a remote connection and entered into an extra server which he prepared beforehand to expand the computing capability. His attack was even more extreme now!

"Calling Falcon for support!"

Falcon's voice was also having a trace of panic.

"Continue to hold on!"

"Number one, hold on for another 30 seconds!"

Shi Lei bitterly smiled. Just now they were condemning Laji Mihao as being garbage and yet now, once the opposition noticed their invasion, they finally knew how formidable their opponent is.

Perhaps the opponent's attacking capability was not as strong as him. But, the opponent's tracking technology is without doubt better than his.

"They have killed one more dummy server!"

"There are three transit servers left!"

Transit servers are advanced botnet.

"At most, I can only hold off for another 15 to 20 seconds!"

Shi Lei talked to oneself, his originally pale face was now even paler. The sweat on his forehead kept accumulating.


The sounds of the mechanical keyboards were almost united as one.

"Calling for Falcon, five second until our location will be exposed!"

Falcon did not give any response at all and directly cut off the Bluetooth communication.

"Zi, zi, zi~"

Within the Bluetooth headset, there was a beeping sound.

"Warning! Unknown object detected and approaching at high speed!"

At the roof of the warehouse, the high definition cameras were all locked on a small black particle within the sky.

Shi Lei was staring at the computer screen in front of him. His face was getting uglier with every second.

This monitoring system was a program which Shi Lei installed himself. In the graphical field, Shi Lei had a great amount of understanding.

For example the current high-definition surveillance camera could calculate the speed and distance of the black particle through the changes of the particle size.

Laji Mihao`s aircraft carrier, its security personnel had successfully tracked the location of Shi Lei.

The aircraft carrier was connected to the 'eye' optical satellite in the outer space. Combined with the global positioning system, it will be able to accurately lock on the location of Shi Lei.

"O, this is hell!"

"Jimi, come and look at this this!"

The bureau of electronic security, a few of the personnels were looking at the picture generated from the optical satellite.

Suddenly, the office door was pushed open.

An unmanned aerial vehicle operator with a pale expression, he yelled, " The unmanned aerial vehicle's command had been changed!"

Jimi held his forehead and cried out in loud.

"Oh, shit!"

Within the warehouse, Shi Lei looked at the black particle which kept getting closer. Finally, the true appearance of the black particle appeared in front of him.

The moment Shi Lei saw the image clearly, his body strength disappeared completely as if it had been pulled away from his body.




Two seconds later, the warehouse experienced a big violent explosion.

Because this predator is a MQ-1 unmanned aerial vehicle, with anti-tank missiles!

Shi Lei had been abandoned by the organisation!

The weapons he prepared could not be used on time. The escape route which he prepared also did not play its role at all.

At the moment of his death, Shi Lei thought about many matters.

He is an orphan. In order to get into the news of his parents' disappearance, was he obsessed with hacking technology. However, it was because of this very technology, that he is now dead.

Shi Lei also thought of his own motherland, the Xia Empire with the Lijian Empire and the Wosang Empire, their relationship had turned worse.

This was all because of the mysterious organisation, the one lurking behind the shadows!

From the beginning to the end, he was simply just a pawn!

It was just a pity that he did not have any chance on revenge.

The moment when all the thoughts disappeared, Shi Lei suddenly remembered a classic phrase.

"I just want to be a good person. Why I am not given such a chance?"

Shi Lei died and could not help the Xia Empire; the diplomacy with the Lijian Empire and the Wosang Empire ended up in dispute. Plus, he could not do anything about the missile bombardment to the Xia Empire city from Lijian Empire.

At the outer space, a space crack appeared and quietly unfolded within the dark space.

A mysterious purple light flew out from within the space crack and fired towards the ever blue Earth.







This mysterious light seemed to posses an endless amount of unknown information. If there was someone who is proficient in the human language from the world of Clondia, then he would be able to decipher the information above.

Searching City of Miracles…

Not found….

Searching for Mage…

Not found….

Self-destruction system is loading…

Discovering presence of inheritor…

2006, August 31st, Xia Empire, Shuang Qing city, Shuang Qing university.

Shi Lei was wearing extremely nerdy silver spectacles with a cheap looking T-shirt and jeans; dragging a luggage. With a strange expression, he stood in front of the school gate!

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