1 A Forgettable Memory

~~[ Dec, 12, 1960 ]~~~~~~~~~

Daniel (Me), Darko, and Harry, got down as we tried to protect ourselves from a hail of bullets soon as they stopped firing we shot back at one of them directly onto their head, causing them to fire back at us again, the battle was brutal but we endured it, surviving the ambush, we ran onto our escape truck trying to keep the cops off our tails.

"What are we gonna do!" Harry said, I replied to him that to not worry, well of course I am an excellent getaway driver, well...kind of, But then we crashed onto a wall, surprisingly all of us survive the crash, but then we notice Darko pointing a gun directly both at me, and Harry, "Darko what are you doing?!" Harry said, Darko shot Harry, leaving him bleeding "Harry!" I yelled, he shot at me also shooting me right on the stomach leaving me on the ground bleeding, and so Darko left leaving us to die out here, and soon the cops surrounded us also the ambulance.

~~[3 years later]~~~~~~~~~~~

I got up on my couch, I turned on the tv, and it went directly on to the news channel, oh how I hate the news, but anyways I dressed up and walked out of the house, entering into my automobile, driving through the city knowing Darko can be anywhere, I listen to the radio, as it was playing The Beatles, anyways I stopped at a local café hoping to get a small break, I entered in the café.

I was having a wonderful break, but that was until two masked men came in threatening anyone who moved, I couldn't handle it my blood was boiling hot, to the point that I blacked out, I pulled out my pistol firing two of them before they could even react to it, I woke up realizing I was holding a gun, I was in shock I thought I would never pull out a gun ever since the betrayal then I saw the two masked men lifeless body's laying on the floor.

~~[The Next Day]~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up, forgetting what happened last night, so I wore my blue tuxedo and a pink tie and walked through the neighborhood "why is all quiet all the sudden.." I asked to myself I walked through the town, there was not even a single human in the streets, I walked though the town stopping at a local store, I was greeted by the store cashier so I walked through the shelfs looking checking my list of ingredients

~~[5 minutes later...]~~~~~~~~

I finished picking all the groceries off the list, "Finally!" I asked to myself, walking to the cashier, I paid everything leaving through the door "At lease I have everything..." that was until I was suddenly punched through the stomach by an masked stranger, soon later as I was able to gain my strength back the stranger ran away, also taking my wallet "Dammit!" I screamed out.

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