532 The First Floor - End

At this point, the five monsters of the Morningstar Clan could only share helpless looks and wonder if it was truly wise to attack this bunch of crazies. Draco though, knew it couldn't be avoided, so he unsheathed his swords and rushed out. 

His Four Beauties could only follow after him and get ready to fight. Once the Schweinehunde noticed the intruders they immediately reacted. 

"Wir werden angegriffen!" 

"Wer sind diese Leute?" 

"Der mit den Schwertern ist wirklich ein hübscher Kerl!" 

Draco dashed towards the closest one, who responded by taking out some strange sort of firearm. The rest of them followed suit, materializing firearms out of thin air as they took aim at Draco and fired crazily. 

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