520 Rank 3 Abyssal Prime 1

Author's Note: I've changed how I handle these things. Instead of showing it then describing the changes one by one, I've opted to use a simple indicator to show what has changed. The only commentary was for new things, which helped me cut down about 6k plus words extra. 


Draco scratched his cheek as he watched her leave. He knew that Sublime was going to be in for trouble, but he dared not interfere on her behalf. He could only pray that his Big Sis would survive this calamity and become stronger. 

For now, he checked his character menu to see the changes in his class upon Ranking up this time. 

「Name: Draco 

Class: Abyssal Prime 

Race: Hybrid (Human/Ultima Sunt) 

Rank: King (3) 

Level: 100 

Exp: 0% 

Str: 100 

Dex: 100 

End: 100 

Int: 90 

Spr: 100 

Cha: 70 

Lck: 100 

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