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"So, what do you plan to do now, My Darling Nephew?" Fyre asked Draco with a smile.

Draco thought for a bit. His original plan was to beat up Fyre till she divulged all the information of the Lineages, or her Lineage, but since she was family, he couldn't even muster the will to argue.

"I was planning to head to a new house and build my own force in the human world."

Calling society 'the human world' sounded bizarre to Draco, like he was in some cheap webnovel, but it was the best description for society now.

After all, the 'humans' of the world were actually… sub-humans. The Lineage members were the real humans… in fact, they were even demi-humans at best. Only the 9 progenitors were humans.

However, calling everyone a sub-human was a bit too much, even for a bastard like Draco. It was best to just refer to them as 'humans' in this case.

Draco's reply made Fyre's eyes light up. "Does my Darling Nephew want his Aunt's help?"

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