157 Negotiations 3

Draco was currently seated opposite Inventor Doug, who still looked at him like a hawk who found his prey. Draco was incomparably uncomfortable, but the thing was, Doug hadn't so much as touched him.  

Draco coughed lightly. "How can this junior help Brother Doug?" 

Doug smiled lightly. "Do you remember when you first made the Dragorugio Semi-Epic set?" 

Draco thought back and recalled the time he had made the set with the help of the Dragon Soul. Because his Tradeskill level had been low, he had wasted so much Orichalcum. 

It wasn't like now where he could easily handle most metals within a reasonable range. Before, he was too low level to even try to maneuver anything, and had to rely on the Fire of War for everything. 

Now, he could barely handle Epic materials as long as Hikari was around to heal him.  

Draco shook himself and got rid of his distracted thoughts. "I remember. Did Brother Doug notice something during that time?" 

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