484 Grand Setup 2

The three ladies were extremely satisfied with their items. Zaine for example, began zipping around the room like some great value Flash, her form blurry thanks to the combination of her movement speed boosts and Draco's imbued movement techniques. 

Roma admired her staff and placed it under her shapely bum, marveling at how comfortable it was despite the material used. Immediately, she too began flying around like she was trying to capture a special gold winged ball. Draco regretted not calling her staff The Firebolt 9000. 

As for Hikari, she immediately wore her circlet and fully transformed into her Dragon Form. Draco could tell because she was his Dragobonded mate, but Eva and the other reported that Hikari still looked to be in her human form to them. 

Draco was intrigued by the logic of it. Hikari was about the size of a small house right now, but to everyone else, she looked mostly humanoid. So, what would happen if they neared her? 

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