481 Draco vs Eva

Draco landed in a random valley and walked through the slightly rocky paths while focusing on the screen before him. He had cleared the Unique Quest after leaving the borders of the Godmar Divine Empire, meaning he wouldn't have to bother with them ever again unless he chose to. 

Of course, as vindictive as Draco was, he planned to destroy the empire when the time was right. 

「The Refinement God's Treasury – Unique Quest 

Description: A strange gateway has been found in the territory of the Godmar Divine Empire. The Empire has hired you to explore the secrets of the gateway and report back to them. 

Note: Certain impositions have been placed on the execution of this quest; 

1. All reputation, social relevance, and title intimidation will be negated. The player will be regarded as a pioneer by default. 

2. True Death constitutes failure. 

3. All enemies will be 1 Rank stronger than the player. (Current Rank: Rank 2 - Lord) 

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