1 How to: Harém

A Lot of Man are quite fond of harém stories (myself included) but pretty much EVERYSINGLE dude that write this genre in their stories tend to completely and utterly fuck their novel making a Lot of readers give them negative reviews and drop the story

It's not like Harém sucks to be honest. If done right you can create a pretty interesting story because of the potential drama and other factors. The other reason people choose harém is because they may have more than one girl they are fond of in the story and obviously The writer will add this tag in their story.

The autor from rosario + Vampire simply ended the story without the MC being with the Main heroine because he was afraid of the potential hate he would receive from the readers that prefer other heroines. But why have one if you can have more? (Lenny face)

This is going to be the Guide about How to write a harem that doesn't suck!

First thing First. If you're gonna make a Harém story then you need to at least write the harém genre in a way that makes sense, don't Just Go and shove 5 girls in the MC's ass right after 2 chapters, where is the damn romance and realism? Like, the MC Just looks at a girl once and he instantly "Falls in love" with her and the same thing is applied on the chick, dude Just stop right there.

You need to make a Harém with a limited number of girls if you don't want to destroy your story (unless you are Einlion I don't recommend one making a harém with a huge number of girls).

Next is the romance. Keep in mind that girls aren't Just sex Dolls whose only use is to be a trophy of the MC and satisfy his sexual desires. First you should start by their "fateful" meeting then later develop their feelings towards each other, Even if you introduce the girls in the story don't rush the romance! Feelings aren't a thing that Will develop instantly, there is no such thing as love at the First sight, Attraction? Sure! Love? No!!

Then there is the "Sister thing". Man, Just don't, I really meant it.

there is NO WAY THAT A GIRL WILL BE FUCKING HAPPY ABOUT SHARING THEIR MAN WITH OTHER CHICKS DESPITE THE STATE OF THE FUCKING WORLD!!! I highly doubt that a girl Will instantly become friends with her rivals like that, It wouldn't Even be Impossible if some girls hated each other's guts at the point of Just wanting to get rid off the competitor!! And why do the girls in the MC's harém become bisexuals instantly??!! Just What the Fuck??!

Add a type of rivalry between the girls, you can Even develop a sense of friendship between them after some time but Just don't follow the Stereotypes.

And of course... We can't forget about our MC can we? The First thing you need to know is that you really shouldn't make a lustful bastard (pretty much the majority of the MCs in this app) and a hypochrite hero (MGA). People Will Just hate your MC a lot and probaly All of his girls would be nothing more than puppets.

The MC in a harém novel should be a reliable Man that can shoulder the family's problems, also show that he has feelings about his girls too. A cool suggestion would be an Earthling MC that is used to monogamy slowly accept the harém! Remember that in a harém the Man is the Pillar that holds everything together, this is why the MC not only needs to be strong physically but also mentally.

Add some Variety in your harém! Why would you Just put the Black haired jade like skin with the perfect body without a single fat generic goodest human girl? Why not a slender dark elf? Or a Chubby alchemist? A tanned swordwoman or the plain talentless chick that puts a lot of effort to be strong?

If all the girls look and sound the same they Will Just be boring AF. Even personality wise writers tend to make ultra-gentle girls that are pretty much useless to the MC *CoughMGACough*. Why not put a Girl that is actually Evil in your story? I Hope this Will broaden the horizons of many readers hehehehe.

Also other thing that I really hate is when the girls have their original personality erased only to become the submissive fuck Dolls of the MC. I fuckin hate It all!!!!

I know that these are merely My opinion on the matter so feel free to ignore It completely if you want to.

I Hope these tips helped you guys and don't forget to comment!

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