1 The Enchantress prophecy...

A long time ago there was a powerful enchantress. She watched over all the worlds and realms. She was and is our god. One day a great evil was growing in the darkness, planning on attacking everyone and everything. To seek out the light. Word got to the enchantress and it worried her. She loved her people and wanted to keep them safe, so she came up with a plan.

She created five powerful crystals and scattered them across the realms, each one went to a special gifted person. They came together and the war between the light and darkness began.

After the war was over and won the people granted the heroes the names of guardians. From that day on our lives changed for the better, there were hope and no fear.

The enchantress made a new world just for the guardians so that all people can see who they are and pray that they will always protect us. Statues were made for each of the guardians once they passed. Before they pass they give the crystal to there champions so that they may carry on the legacy.

A few years passed and the need for the guardians came to an end, soon everyone thinks of them as a myth. The guardians went there separate ways and started there own lives. To this day no one knows where the guardians are or who they are. We have hope that we will see them so, well those who remember them that is.

Everything was fine in the realms till one-day monsters appeared out nowhere and started attacking everyone. The enchantress appeared and got rid of them all. As she hovered above us all she gave us a message a prophecy.

"My people forgive me but I bring terrible news. It hurts me to say this but the darkness will return, and when it does I alone won't be strong enough to defeat it. In two years, the world's darkness evils will come back and seek out the light. Guardians if you can hear me and I know you do this is your time to come back into the light and remind everyone who you are and to save us all. It's time to send your champions and help me fight the darkness and to save the realms!"

Its been six months since the last attack since the enchantress gave her prophecy. That all changed today, the monsters returned and everyone ran for cover as we knew it the kingdom of Hyrule was under attack. The blood moon covered the sky and all you can hear are screams. The ground began to shake and out came a blast of lava right into the sky. The ball of fire hits the ground and outcomes a person with a flaming sword. He starts to attack the monsters and saves all of us.

When the smoked lifted everyone gathered around so that they may thank their hero who just saved their lives. He stood facing everyone but he was wearing a green cloak and only said one thing.

"To everyone that is here today let it be known that I am one of the five guardians. I will not say my name yet but I will tell you that I am the green crystal guardian. To all the other guardians out there we don't have long till the darkness returns. Meet me here in the Hyrule kingdom in the abandoned church. No one but guardians may enter."

The hero than got on a horse and rode away heading for the church. Everyone was full of hope once again and word traveled fast around the realms. The guardians have returned to us.

Pocket Fairy "Yes mam it is true the green guardian has appeared in the Hyrule kingdom." "Shall I prepare for our journey than?"

Clocked figure "Might as well little one. After all, it is time we came out of hiding anyways." "It has been far too long, we will leave in the morning make sure you have what you need." "Its time we meet our fellow guardian."