1 Bab 1 : Starting a New Life

Guardian Planet of the Universe, Central Continent, Central Region.

"What are your plans after this, Rey?"

On the shores of the lake in the central region, we can see two boys with the appearance of a teenager who is approaching adulthood playing a game of chess while enjoying a cup of drink and also some snacks that are located beside the two of them.

The man who asked a man named Rey who sat in front of him had the appearance of smooth black hair, pale white skin, blood red eyes, well-groomed eyebrows, and long eyelashes with a very white suit. good as usually used by the rich people in the modern world.

While sitting in front of the man, we can see a person with the appearance of blood red hair, ruby ​​​​red eye pupils, white skin, well-groomed eyebrows, and has long eyelashes wearing a dark blue long-sleeved sweater, pants long black, dark blue sneakers, and wearing a white earring on his right ear.

Getting a question from the boy who was playing together in front of him, Rey did not immediately answer the question. Instead Rey moved his horse to the position he had determined while saying in a calm tone, "I don't know yet."

"You don't know yet?" The man raised an eyebrow as he looked at his friend.

"Um..." Rey nodded gently as she continued, "Honestly, as long as I was created until now, since the first time I was given the task by God to take care of this universe, this is the first time I've had a vacation. Even if I "

"I see." The man calmly accepted the answer Rey gave him. Because he knew that this was the first time Rey had ever experienced such a thing as a vacation. Since he was created by God, Rey has only always carried out the tasks that God had given him. Only this time he could be said to get a vacation.

"Actually, the vacation itself is an activity to release fatigue and also do activities that one always wants when he can't do those activities at work. Well, it can be said that this vacation is an activity for fun. Usually like activities that I do. Whenever I have finished with a task that God gave me, I get a vacation for some time. That vacation is also usually spent by going to another world and enjoying time there, or coming to visit your planet to just talk and also play together or can also do other activities such as playing games and the like." Rey listened carefully to the explanation about the vacation that was explained by his friend. Even if he knew what vacations meant, Rey loved listening to other people teach her.

"Speaking of vacations, do you have anything you've always wanted to do, Rey? Something you couldn't do at the time you were doing the work you did, but really wanted to do"

"Something I really wanted to do?" Rey muttered under his breath while thinking about the activities he always wanted to do.

" Looks like Rey has something she wants to do" Seeing Rey bowing his head and thinking about something, his friend was also very happy because Rey was also still thinking about the activities he wanted to do and wasn't always fixated on the assigned task.

It is true that they must carry out the task God has given them to the best of their ability. However, there is also a vacation period that they will always get. In that period, they can do whatever they want. Like playing games, going for walks to various worlds and also various other activities that can make them relax and get excited again.

"Have you got it?" Seeing Rey who had raised his head again, his friend immediately asked with a curious tone.

"Um...." Rey nodded slowly and continued again, "Actually, I want to experience what it's like to live normally like humans on various planets."

"Want to experience human life?" His friend raised his brow because he was quite surprised by what Rey wanted.

"What's so strange about that wish?" Rey asked hesitant because this was the first time he had told her a wish he had been harboring for so long.

"No, no, no, your wish isn't strange at all" His friend quickly shook his head and continued back, "I think your wish is quite good, Rey. Humans themselves are quite unique creatures. By the way, where did you get yours from? this is your wish?"

"During work, I usually often come to visit the human world. However, I can't stay there for long, because I only do inspections and also various other things. During that work time, I saw humans as quite unique and interesting creatures. Because of that curiosity, and since I can't stay too long on each planet because I have to do work, I can only learn about the various things humans do through the various books I bought in the human world. One of my favorite books has always been a light novel because it contains various things about human life from ancient times to modern times."

"Ah... I see" His friend nodded and continued, "Light novels, eh? I also read these books quite often. Where I live, at least I have collected some until now because the stories are very interesting and also very good."

His friend stopped for a moment and looked at Rey with a smile, "Since you already have an activity and a desire that you do, why don't you do it now, Rey? Since you've had a long vacation, you can enjoy and feel how human life feels like. Besides that, it looks like you've been able to find a partner to accompany you to live in this world, Rey? Aren't you tired of just living alone on this planet?"

"When I was first created and lived on this planet, I did feel lonely. Only you and a few angels often came to visit to chat together and do other activities. However, as time went on, that feeling of loneliness also disappeared and I'm getting used to it now." With a calm tone, Rey answered the question.

"Even if you get used to this feeling. You can't think so, Rey." Sighing calmly at the thought of his friend.

Seeing his friend who was very concerned about him, Rey smiled a little and said, "Don't worry, Jibril. I will try my best to be able to get a partner on this holiday. Later if I do get one, I will introduce you to it."

Jibril's eyes immediately answered excitedly hearing this, "Is it true?"

"When did I lie to you?"

"Hehehe.... Well, you never really lied to you." Jibril laughed happily and continued, "About what you said earlier. So, have you made up your mind about what activities you will be doing this holiday?"

"Um..." Rey nodded gently and continued, "Sorry, neither of us can finish this game of ours. I'd like to hurry back home to prepare all the things I need"

"No problem" Jibril replied with a calm face and continued, "Let's go to your house. I will help you to prepare for your departure. Besides, I have chosen a quite interesting world for you to stay in during your vacation. I think this world is very suitable for you. "

"Thank you" Rey smiled a little and nodded.

The two of them immediately rose from their seats while Rey waved his hand which made the table and utensils they used previously disappear while the various snacks they ate were immediately stored in his storage room.

After eliminating the various items, Rey and Jibril immediately walked back towards Rey's house which was only 250 meters from their location while talking many things with Jibril giving many suggestions to Rey about the activities he did after living in the human world and the best identity. for Rey to use.


Year 2015, Earth, Above Sky, Tokyo City.

Above the Tokyo skyline, a portal suddenly opened. From inside the portal we can see a man with the appearance of red hair, about 180 cm tall, a very well-built body, blood-red pupils, fair skin, well-groomed eyebrows, long eyelashes and wearing a sweater. dark blue long sleeves, black trousers, wearing dark blue sneakers, and an earring worn on his right ear.

In contrast to Rey's previous appearance, the appearance that Rey had now looked several times younger than someone of 15 years old. Rey's gaze suddenly shifted to the direction of Tokyo City below her.

"It's finally here. After this, I need to make a personal identification card as well as a passbook. To be honest, I'm very happy that Jibril discovered this world. Because this world has quite lax rules compared to other worlds."

The world that Rey comes to has looser rules compared to other normal worlds. In several countries in the world, every child aged 12 years and over has the right to apply for a child identity card. This child identity card has the same authority as an identity card owned by someone who is 18 years old. However, there are also some rights that cannot be owned by a child who already has the child's identity card, one of which is marriage. Apart from these rights, someone who has a child's identity card can get the rights of someone who has an identity card such as buying a car, buying an apartment, renting a hotel, and other rights.

"By the way, how much money did I have left after traveling last time?" Rey took out some of the money that was in his storage room and slowly started counting the remaining money.

"Hmmm... Only 5.5 yen left. With this money, it's impossible for me to buy a house or apartment to use as my residence in this world. At least to buy a house, Well, I don't have any plans to buy a house. prefer to build a house according to my wishes. Building a house also takes quite a long time, and it is also usually very difficult to find land close to the city center to build a house. The price for the land will also be very expensive if you buy it near the city center . The best option is to buy an apartment. Hmmmm.... Apartments are the best choice. I can try to find an apartment that suits me which is in the city center. That way, I no longer have to wait for construction time and also look for various other things to build a house. But... If I buy an apartment, I also need quite a lot of money... Well ...The point is for a place to live, it seems I have to spend a lot of money."

With a sigh, Rey used his abilities and created a clone that was exactly like himself while also taking out a very beautiful blue diamond from his storage space of quite a large size.

"I want you to go to Switzerland to auction this diamond. At the same time, you make a passbook for yourself so that you can directly transfer the money obtained through the results of this diamond auction. Later for the problem of the account number for my savings, I will let you know when I'm done. make a passbook in this country" Rey immediately gave the very beautiful diamond to his clone.

"I see." The clone nodded and immediately stored the diamond given by the body of his brow and stored it into his storage space. After receiving the order, the clone immediately disappeared from in front of his original body to carry out the order he had been given.

"Okay, then the issue of identity and also the savings book. Let's finish this. I also still have to go buy electronic devices and also find a temporary place to live after the business is finished"

Along with the disappearance of his clone, Rey also immediately used his ability to disappear from the sky to take care of his identity in this world.


Some time passed.

After he left the skies of Tokyo City, Rey first went to the Tokyo City civil registration office to make his child's identity card. It took him some time to solve the problem of creating his new identity. After he finished, he went to the Bank of Tokyo and made a passbook in his name by saving 4 million yen and the remaining 1.5 million yen was held by him to use.

The door of the Bank of Tokyo opened, Rey walked out of the Bank holding the passbook that had just been made, " The passbook is finished, do I need to tell my clones? other things" His savings book was then immediately stowed into his trouser pocket which was connected directly to his storage room.

Rey's gaze suddenly turned to the sky and saw that the sky had started to turn orange which meant it was already evening, "Hmmmm..... It took about 5 hours to solve the problem of identity and passbook. After this, I still need to buy electronic devices to use and also find a place to live. If I'm not mistaken.... The location where I am currently located is close to the Ginza region, isn't it? From my experience visiting various ordinary worlds, Tokyo City, Ginza Region are very synonymous with various goods with good quality, as well as many international brands that have opened shops in the area. Speaking of international brands, it is possible that the prices of goods sold in this area are also quite expensive. Well, money is not a problem for me, the important thing is that the quality of the goods is guaranteed good .Besides that, I can also look for a hotel in the area to serve as a temporary residence and also have a look at the mustys ah there's a nice apartment there"

While thinking about that, Rey stood on the side of the road waiting for a taxi that could accommodate her heading towards the Ginza area. It didn't take long for a taxi to pass Rey. He quickly raised his hand to stop the taxi.

The taxi car that was about to pass Rey immediately stopped and opened the door for him. Rey walked in and sat in the back seat.

"Where are you headed, sir?"

"Ginza Region"


Slowly the taxi car began to move towards the desired destination.


Tokyo City, Ginza Shopping Center Area.

The Ginza area is one of the elite areas in Tokyo City. This area is an area where international and national class brands build shops and sell their products. At this location, every item sold has a very good quality product, but also has a very expensive price. With the economic standards and selling prices in this area, every building in this area is very classy and also has advantages compared to other areas.

The streets of the center of Ginza, we can see there are various types of cars moving here and there. There are various kinds of car brands ranging from ordinary types to sports brand cars. One of the various types of cars is a taxi car that stops right in the center of Tokyo.

"We have arrived at our destination"

"What was the total cost?"

"5,345 yen, sir"

Rey immediately took out 10,000 yen from his pants pocket and gave it to the taxi driver. It didn't take long for the driver to immediately return the rest of his change while Rey also immediately got out of the taxi and saw the magnificent buildings that lined the Ginza area and saw various kinds of people who were coming shopping in the Ginza area with the best clothes ranging from young children to adults.

"Excuse me" At the same time, from behind suddenly I heard the voice of someone who came to greet me from behind.

Rey, who felt the greeting for herself, immediately turned around and looked at an adult man who was about 30 to 40 years old wearing a black suit with a body that was quite fat, wearing glasses, looking at him with a smiling face.

"Introduce my name is Takeshi Agesi from an entertainment agency of the LME company. I would like to ask, are you interested in being a model for our company?" With an excited face and tone, the middle-aged man whose name was Takeshi suddenly asked Rey.

"Being a model?" Rey asked while raising his brow in confusion.

"Um...." The man nodded excitedly and continued again, "Yes, sir. Our company is currently looking for a model. With the appearance that Master has, it is not impossible that you can become a very famous model. . You could even become a world-class model. How? Are you interested?"

" Being a model, isn't it? Well, it's quite a troublesome job because there will be a lot of troublesome things that will come along like a lot of paparazzi and various other things" While he was thinking about all kinds of negative things related to a model's job, the male The middle-aged man resumed his promotion after he saw Rey who was frowning and thinking about something.

"Are you worried about the salary issue? You don't have to worry about this matter. If you come in and become a model for our company, I can guarantee that you will earn at least 1 million yen a month and also—---"

"Ah, sorry. I'm not interested in being a model." Before the man finished his promotion, Rey immediately cut him off.

"...Can Master repeat what Master said earlier? I apologize for not listening properly"

"Sorry, I'm not interested in being a model for your company. Thank you and goodbye." Without waiting for a reply from the middle-aged man, Rey immediately turned around and started walking away from the location because he didn't want to cause too much trouble for himself. Especially since his arrival to the Ginza region, he has become the center of attention of many people thanks to his appearance.

Even if he would be given a 1 month offer paid up to 10 million yen. Rey would have immediately rejected it because he didn't want to be a model. Because he knows the life of a model is very troublesome because it will always be arranged by the company where he is contracted.

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