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Aaliya is cute and decent girl she have faith in God and she believes in destiny. Aaliya cheated from her fiance on that her marriage day her fiance run away with his girlfriend due to this her turn upside down her father reach ICU because of heart attack. when Aaliya meet a car accident she open her eyes in hospital. a man come and said in angry tone "are you made" Aaliya said "what do you mean" man said "why don't you think get revenge from that bastered" Aaliya said "how" man said with smile "Marry Me I will make to pay him what he do" Aaliya was shocked "....." ____________________________ Siddharth Singh Raichand most eligible bachelor in this country and he also most richest person in world he is CEO of Raichand Group of Company. he dream man for girls every girl want him because he is not only rich also handsome, dashing, no one can defeat him. He accidentally meet Aaliya and proposed for marriage why, what is relation of their. _____________________________ This is my first novel and also first time writing, so my English was no MUCH very well so please if you found any corrections then please manage and also support my novel......


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