1 The End of ______ _______

*Rumble Booom! Booom!

The Sound of Thunder and Cannon echo through the battlefield the water from the sky washing the land filled with Thousands of Bloody Corpse surrounded by mountain

in the mountain of Fallen warrior there Is a man tighly and carefully holding something that Is apparently a beautiful woman, the woman move her hand to reach the face of the crying man, the man quickly reach her hand

"_le__e_____n __r E__r_______g" the women spoke but it did not reach the man

the man did not say anything only hugging the woman tightly before she leave to the afterlife

"FUCK Fuck fuzks-ack" He cursed to himself only to accidently bit his tongue.

the man did nothing after that only to recive another hope "God" He thought if God truly Is Omnipotent he would help his Most devoted follower the saintess and so He pray

"O' God From the heaven" He said

"if there Is a God please.. Please Revive her i Will sacrifice everything So... PLEASE! revive her..." He Pleaded with a stream of tears while the last part of the sentance with grief and hopelessness

he waited and waited waited waited waited waited waited waited waited waited waited waited waited waid wit wwisrtdgejwudhbdnaajsjsnnsnssnakakmzkufzkydzkzkudzoufdpufzoufidpitsitdouakujuwpurwukyfsulfsuofzpulfz




(Flashback/the man POV)

"Al-" i look at the the woman who Is now with a short white gown it's perfectly match with her Sea like eye and Beach like hair.. her childish yet alluring face not so short and and not so tall height with perfect woman aspects.

she continued "if our journey comes to end what Will you do?"

"uhh... happily Ever after? i didnt thought about it yet" i spoke telling her i didnt thought about it yet while scrathing my right-side head

"soo~(Japanese sound) if you ask me i want to Go to the Sea" she says excited

"why not just right now? even though we are in a task to kill the demon kin-" before i Can finish my sentance a "No there are a lot of people who suffers from the demons even at this this second were talking" she says seriously this time "yes yes you said that like a Million Times" i swept it away but inside.. i want to help them.

she just pouted 'cute, i realy Realy! want to touch those cheeks'

"oh ya Il~ i heard there are war incoming by the demon" i said carefree "Where!?" she yelped surprised "Alfredia, neighbor country just about 3000 Miles i think with carriage we could reach like a month? or close to that" i explain

"then we gotta go there!" she shouted at me while also pulling me "ughh.." i groan "shouldnt you change your clothes first, why are you pulling me.." i complain with a tease

she blushes ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ i chuckle a little bit "well i'm always ready i go get the carriage" i spoke as a reason to avoid her nagging.

"you.. Stupid heroo! come back here" she shouted "hahahaha.. haha" i laugh hard haaa if only i know that Will be the last moment we have fun.


( ⚈̥̥̥̥̥́⌢⚈̥̥̥̥̥̀)


days has passed but He still didnt move not even a flinch

"....there Is no God afterall, So why did you.. the saint have to devote your entire life on it..."

he said it with more grief than the previous already terrible voice

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'if i move more carefully and more strategical to the battlefi-BOOM! Before He can finish his thought a lightning struck him the world seems slow He had this state before it's a state beetwen life and death

'am i.. gonna die like this..' his vision gets darker and darker until He see just darkness

... 'God.. f.. if i was given another change.. i..'

he manage to think before his awareness fade away

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