11 Boyfriend

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"What choice do I have? This is the result of you courting death. If you don't have the ability, don't rush to take responsibility for all of this. Not only did you ruin my business, I don't even know if my position as the president of the company will be stable in the future."

Xie Zhizhi had a look of despair. Was there really no other way?

Just at that moment, Xie Zhizhi saw the clothes by the bed. It was as if she had grabbed onto a life-saving straw. She said excitedly, "I have a solution. I have a solution."

Surprised, Xia Chu asked her what kind of solution she had.

Xie Zhizhi had a look of infatuation on her face as she slowly said, "This blazer I'm wearing was worn by Ruan Mu, President Ruan. As long as I go and beg Ruan Mu, he will definitely agree."

"What? Daughter, are you and Ruan Mu together?"

Xie Zhizhi's face was red. She said shyly, "Oh my, Mom, how could you say that out loud? We are not together yet."

"My daughter is really capable. She actually managed to hook a rich husband like Ruan Mu in such a short period of time." Xia Chu sat beside Xie Zhizhi with a proud expression, as if Ruan Mu was going to marry Xie Zhizhi in the next moment.

Xie Zhanan was a little puzzled. When did the two of them hook up? Why didn't he know about it? Was it really a scene of love at first sight?

His tone calmed down a little. "Is what you said true? That Ruan Mu fella is really your boyfriend."

"We're in the ambiguous stage. Father, look, he draped his blazer over me."

Xie Zhanan looked at Xie Zhizhi and then at the clothes before saying, "Just leave this matter to me. However, you have to build a good relationship with Ruan Mu. When the time is right, give those old guys a painful attack."

"Alright, Dad. Don't worry. When the time comes, Ruan Mu will definitely stand by us."

Only then did Xie Zhanan leave the hospital with a satisfied expression. A good daughter like this was really hard to come by. She was much better than that slutty daughter.

After the three of them had eaten and drank their fill, they left the Zhou family home with satisfied expressions on their faces. Then, Xie Nian's phone started vibrating crazily in her pocket.

"Qiao Qiao, what's wrong? Are things going smoothly?"

Qiao Qiao chuckled. "Sister Nian, why are you still worried about my actions? When the people from Nian Cheng Group heard that Qing Yu was going to terminate the cooperation, they all started to blame each other for the incident.

Pfft. That was very interesting. No matter what it's normal that both parties would have been at least a little hurt in a fight. On the other hand, it was such a pity that Xie Zhanan wasn't around, or it would have been even more interesting. "

"Is that so? It's really my loss not to see such a scene."

"Sister Nian, the position of Vice-President Qingyu is always vacant for you. We are waiting for your return."

Xie Nian looked at the two little babies beside her and smiled slightly. She said casually, "Qiao Qiao, I will need to trouble you for a while longer. The next big thing that is happening is the Xie family's old master's birthday. You have to prepare a big gift for him."

"We'll be prepared for it."

After Xie Nian hung up the phone, she felt a gust of hot air against her skin. The corners of her mouth curled up slightly, appearing very brightly in the night sky, it made the moon distant in the sky hide in the clouds reluctantly.

"I still have two adorable babies. Do you want to see how your grandmother used to look? Do you want to go with mommy to take a look?"

"Okay, Mom."

Although Xie Chenchen stood at the side and didn't say anything, his firm gaze gave Xie Nian endless warmth.

"President, what's wrong? Is there something wrong over there? Should we get the security to go over and take a look?"

Upon hearing Chen Hao's reminder, Ruan Mu retracted his gaze. He seemed to have seen the mother and daughter again, but why was there another young boy this time?

Seeing their appearances, his eyes were actually a little moist. What secrets did this woman have that constantly touched his heart?

"Nothing, I saw it wrong. Let's go."

Chen Hao was puzzled. There seemed to be something wrong with the president recently. Could it be that his 'period' had come and his emotions were changing unpredictably? Even his actions were so unpredictable.

No one could endure the sudden change in his temperament. Could it be that the president had really suffered from endocrine imbalance recently? It seemed like he had to have a good talk with Madam over this.

This was a huge matter that concerned the president's future happiness. They could not be muddled about it.

"Has there been too little going on recently? I can arrange something else for you to work on."

Chen Hao felt that all of his thoughts were being seen by Ruan Mu. He said guiltily, "President, no. I haven't finished what I've been doing recently. I still have to go to the office to work overtime later. The amount of time I have with my girlfriend has dropped drastically."

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