Grimoire: Atonement of Souls
novel - Magical Realism

Grimoire: Atonement of Souls

Gaurav Kumar

Ongoing · 67.4K Views

What is Grimoire: Atonement of Souls

Grimoire: Atonement of Souls is a popular web novel written by the author Gaurav Kumar, covering Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 67.4K readers with an average rating of 4.92/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 38 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Aarav ran away. Who could really blame him, though? The list of things Aarav that didn't excel at was long and humiliating, borderline pathetic even. A list that included fighting too. So when he encounters a group of monk-looking assailants in black with books floating next to them, ganging up on a little harmless kid…he wasn't exactly sure how to deal with that situation. More so, when that strange encounter snowballs into him being attacked by a giant tentacled monster; he did the only thing he excelled at—he ran away. Being able to see the dead since his birth was strange enough for him but being chased by a monster was taking things a bit too far. But now thrust into the strange world of dead souls, demons and grim reapers; Aarav has to make a choice. Does he continue to live in the ignorance of the blurred lines of two worlds, or will he muster up the courage to do what is right? To save the people close to him, no matter the lengths he has to go to achieve that goal. Even if it required his own death.

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Newbie author here trying to not be a newbie anymore. Technically this isn't my first story, I have written few short stories as a practice and I am working on another novel other than this one—although that one's put on hold for now 'cause this one's my priority. That being said, it's the first one I'm really serious about. I guess couple of important things to know about this work is that: A) Magic = Tere isn't going to be any sort of system mechanism in this one. Not because I don't like, I do; it's just that I had no idea how to make it unique or intresting. Hence why I went with this route—plain ol' simple urban fantasy. The mechanism of the magic is interesting and diverse (...atleast in my head) B) Plot and world = My plot is going to be slow placed. It won't be going forward at a turtle's speed but still, relatively, it will be on the slower end of the spectrum. The world and all its parts will be explained in the story. That being said, for the first 3 arcs atleast the story will be set ok earth in a fictional town within India (so my MC and few of the casts are indians) 3) Characters = This is where the main stuff is. I like to believe that a lot of my focus and plot movement revolves around characters like their interactions, developments, personal arcs. There's a lot of focus on the internal and external struggles of the characters. Other than that, my update schedule is mostly going to be 5 chaps/week, more depending on the scene but definitely not less. And each will be around the range of 1-1.5k words. My plan for now is to have thr first arc to be set free (which definitely going to be around 30 chaps or 40k words) and have it be paywalled later. In the end, all I'll say is that is give my story a try. Read it, think about it and tell me what you feel about it through comments or reviews. Your support would mean a lot and if not the support, your constructive criticism would be a big help too. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you like the story 😁


Tag List: Urban Fantasy, Action, Grim Reapers, Magic, Grimoire, Ghosts, Dead Souls, Demons, Spirits, Sages, Demi-humans, Hell, Different Realms, Major 1st person POV, MC with judgemental mentality and short temper, Gradual escalation of strength / Power, Non-system/cultivation magic mechanism. Romance = There is slight romance but it's not a major focus. It's barely hinted at in the initial 3 arcs and even after that, it's a very gradual sort of thing. Plot Pace = Not going to lie, it is a slow paced story but if you stick with it, I'm sire you'll have fun the whole time. I do add in humour and world exposition and character work to make that slow pace intresting. This is a planned story. While not every event is planned out, for now the plan is to have 10 arcs, each with around 30-40 chapters (40-50k words per arc). The first two arcs will be set in the real world but after that, the story will take place in other realms. Please like this review so that others can see the tags! Thank you ^_^


The synopsis is extremely interesting. Captivating story from the beginning, cant wait for more uploads. Characters are relatable and I grew fond of them as the story developed. Well written and easy to read. Excellent novel, well done. [img=recommend]


This story is lit! With a talented author, this novel was in good hands. I gotta say I'm impressed! Accompanied with hard work and perseverance, this will pave well in the future! Good luck author and may your novel be blessed with more readers!


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This story is a true work of art. The plot is very unique and different to the things I've read in the past. Anything can happen, so the readers are always at the edge of their seats. Great work Author!


This is a nice fun read with a great sense of humor. Intriguing opening in third person narration with the team of Grimmers going about their business. Love the banter between the two siblings, some great comical stuff there. We then move on to meet our protagonist for the next few chapters and set up the story with first person narration, which is good because the protagonist sounds like a funny sort of character and his world views make for a lot of laughs. Storywise, I am certainly engrossed so far. And high marks are also in order from a technical standpoint as this story is very well written, adding further to the overall enjoyment factor. Five stars all the way. Hope the author keeps up the great work.


World background is something refreshing. I think Netflix should take a stop by here and give this a read. it has amazing content I think people would like to watch after they read. [img=update]


The book has a very unique start to it and it had me grasped since the very beginning. Also, I really like the conversations that Aarav has with himself and I enjoy the moments when the fourth wall is broken and the conversations feel more like between Aarav and myself rather than Aarav and himself. I also like how every character has been given distinctive qualities and how enough emphasis is layed upon each one of them and I'm enjoying the banter between this group as it does feel nostalgic and very true to life. Personally, being from India myself, it feels a bit easier to relate to the terminologies used in this novel and I can assure anyone reading my comment/review as a way to understand whether this is for you or not, then don't worry, understanding these terms are easy and can be easily googled and most are explained by the author himself. Bringing this to an end, I'm enjoying the way this story is picking up momentum, I like the friendships being depicted here, the quarrels between siblings and the very relatable protagonist for this story. Keep up the good work, author. Also, I'm satisfied with the upload frequency as I anyway end up reading it all over the weekend.


Love the cover. Had to mark you down for stability of updates.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


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one thing I hate about action writers is the lack of personality. This is not one if those books. We're not working with Mr. edgy who is too cool and strong. we're looking at pipsqueak start his journey with a colorful cast.


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