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"A dragon and a wolf quite the unlikely duo.". The witch smiled at the pair. " Stick with us kiddos and you'll be just niffty!" when Nightshades mother and siblings are killed by A member of the elite Veng, she will do anything to avenge them as long as you don't separate her from her companion Calestial. or sidetrack them with other important matters, such as politics, war, strange portals, a strange need to fallow in their parents footsteps, or food.... ok this Adventure might take a bit longer than expected... Dragons and wolves are 2 of the most written about species in the world, weather they are a symbol of good, evil or just a side character, they have been portrayed thought time by countless writers, poets and directors. but what would happen if these two creatures where connected? Updates are infrequent but I'll try to update every other Saturday. this is NOT mainly a romance.


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