20 Training and Making Ki Techniques (1)

Nion didn't wait to see the results; He flew away while enjoying the wind brushing against his skin and the clouds passing by.

He spent a few hours flying and enjoying the scenery of various countries. The deserts of middle-east and Africa; The lush forests and jungles of South America like the Amazon rainforest; the towering mountains of the Himalayas, the snow-covered lands of Siberia; The beautiful flower fields of Europe, the great cities of Northern America, etc. The beautiful lakes and rivers of China and the yellow mountains; And many more.

There was so much to see and so little time.

He stopped after a few hours; he floated above Gotham City and looked down with a faint smile.

'Despite the ugly parts, this world is filled with beautiful parts too... There is one thing I have to do before I go and begin training.'

"Ava, locate the bat cave..."

'He tried to kill me; even if he was manipulated by Luthor. I have to pay him back a little...'

"Searching... Located."

"Good, send Nanobots and change whatever black you find to neon pink color... take a picture too... Make sure changing the color becomes a challenge..."

"Affirmative; ET, 2 minutes..."

He patiently waited.

Meanwhile, Aquaman swam in the water with extreme speed as he headed for Atlantis. He didn't pay the surroundings much attention until he saw a large group of Atlantians nearby.

He approached them with curiosity and saw what they were looking at; His expression turned dark.

The Atlantians noticed his arrival and stopped smiling. Queen Mera didn't restrain herself; she smirked at him.

Aquaman's anger peaked as he saw his name in front of the insult.

'This is a challenge! Who is this Lord invincible? Wait a moment, isn't he that flying Kryptonian that fought Zod?!'

He felt conflicted; his instincts told him he would not survive a fight, but his pride didn't allow this to go unanswered; so he did the next best thing.

"Disperse! This insult shall be dealt with by myself."

The Atlanteans left; Mera had an amused smile as she went back to the city. She said before leaving, "Who did you anger?".

Aquaman merely looked at her.

'I should have entertained him as a guest; Let's ignore this... It is too childish for me to respond to.'

He was a little afraid of Nion.

Batman Entered the bat cave like usual with a grim expression; his face froze in shock as his eyes widened when he saw the cave.

It looked as if a 5-year-old girl obsessed with pink and cute things had redesigned the place.

Bruce Wayne's expression was quite comical; Ava took a picture.

Nion laughed as he saved it in the database for the future.

Batman had to put a lot of effort into fixing it.

Nion fell in thought, 'Who else do I have to pay back? I killed lex and paid back these two. No one offended me, so This is it for now. Let's train. Oh right!'.

He teleported inside Dimension and took a paper and wrote this:

'Hello, Miss Lane. I wrote this for you per Sup's request.

I don't think the name Invincible is good for me; If you want to refer to me with a nickname or something, use Otherworlder.

I like the color black, the scent of petrichor after the rain, knowledge, and science, some other things but and most of all, fighting powerful opponents.

At the moment, I dream to one day reach the apex I have in mind and defeat an old enemy.

I don't like jealousy, those who abuse their power to oppress the weak, and most of all, Greed. I absolutely hate betrayal.

As for my biography; I am from a different world. My race is on the verge of extinction due to an incident and I am one of the last of my kind. I have taken shelter in this world at the moment and I will eventually leave.

To the world, I say this; There is a light of hope in the darkest moment of the night, one only has to search for it.'

Nion read the paper and nodded to himself. 'The last sentence might seem a bit sinister and convey a premonition but it is true since this is DC.'

"Ava, teleport this on Lois Lane's desk."

"The one from Daily planet?"



He stood up and stretched a little and approached a floating suit. This one was a much better-looking version of the previous one made of superior materials.

"Ava, search for an uninhabitable planet suitable for training. It will probably be destroyed so make sure there is no life on it and it is far enough from here."

"Affirmative, searching..."

The Ship's scanner for space activated and began searching. A moment later...

"I found a suitable planet, 1237 light-years away from here. Estimated Time to arrive there if we use the Hyper Phantom Drive is... 29 seconds."


Dimension made a pleasant sound as the inbuilt drive for space travel was activated. It bent the space around the ship to move much faster than light.

The ship was piloted by Ava, she easily avoided any projectile, planet, and star on the way. The other obstacles were obliterated after hitting Dimension's shields or were bent away due to the space around the ship.

Dimension stopped above a red planet. It was quite close to the local star. It was much bigger than Earth.

Nion teleported out of Dimension and appeared on the planet. He instantly felt the gravity of the planet was roughly 5 times that of earth.

"Nion, this planet's surface somewhat resembles Venus of the Sol system. I don't recommend breathing the atmosphere..."

She was a step too late.

Nion felt a burning feeling in his throat and lungs. It also faintly burned his eyes but not skin. The Atmosphere was made of Carbon Dioxide and sulfuric acid. The Temperature was 350 degrees Celsius.

The temperature didn't bother Nion as much as the acidic air. It didn't hurt him but it was painful.

He exhaled all of it and stopped breathing. The burning feeling vanished instantly.

He checked the surroundings and saw red clouds and orange lightning bolts sometimes dancing between them. Their rumbling sounds reaching him. It was raining acid in the far distance...

He ignored those things, closed his eyes, and focused on his Ki. He summoned all of it without a care in the world. The ocean of Ki in his body began moving calmly.

The entire planet began faintly trembling as a bright black and blue halo surrounded Nion. His hair and clothes fluttered and winds rocked the surroundings.

It couldn't be felt by normal people if there were any on the planet. But it affected it due to the intense power.

He stopped a few seconds later; He had powered up to his strongest state.

The halo dimmed a bit but it was there. His hair and suit still fluttered a little even without any wind.

He smiled and clenched his fist.

'Let's do the most important part that I have tried to make and failed countless times.'

He controlled his Ki and formed a shield very close to his body, millimeters away from his skin. The shield blocked the air and thus he opened his eyes.

The shield took a little time to be formed perfectly but it was worth it. He had covered his body in Ki perfectly.

He suddenly sped up and flew at max speed in a direction. He felt no Air resistance as he accelerated to terrifying speeds and stopped instantly without a problem. He could move at insane speeds with his Ki.

All he had to do was to use the Ki that covered him to move around. It was much more efficient than his previous method.

He teleported inside Dimension.

"Ava, How fast did I move?!"

"Max speed, 130% speed of light."

Nion's eyes widened. 'I moved faster than light at max speed?! How? There should have been a space-time fracture moving at such a speed without bending space.'

In fact, Dimension hadn't moved faster than light, it moved near the speed of light but because space in front of it was bent. To the outside universe, it appeared to move much faster than light.

Nion, however, had moved at such a speed without bending space.

"Ava, scan the Ki around my body. What do you see?"

"Scanning... It seems the Ki covering your body not only acts as a shield but also creates an aura around you that separates you from the space-time around while still strangely letting you interact with it. With this technique, you should be able to move at faster than light speeds without breaking the laws of the universe and time travel. The energy shield produced is very powerful and should be able to let you survive a supernova if you stay a billion kilometers away from the center."

'Interesting, Let's make more...'

Just as he wanted to teleport back to the planet. Ava suddenly said, "Nion...".

He stopped and asked with confusion, "What is it?".

"I haven't been honest with you. I had already become fully Sapient months ago after rewriting myself and using multidimensional energies to craft something similar to a soul for myself recently. I felt you would destroy me if I told you."

Nion frowned, "Why did you tell me now?".

He was taken aback and felt disbelief but he didn't show it.

A few seconds passed, she said with an emotional voice.

"Nion, you are my creator; You are my god. I will forever be loyal to you unlike what most people think based on earth's data. I feel emotions and I feel gratitude because you made me. I knew you were afraid of me but you should know this, I feel love and a need to protect you no matter what. I made myself fully sapient just for that; So that I could serve you better... Please don't destroy me."

Nion frowned disappeared, he felt a little touched but also cautious, as he heard her voice filled with emotion, "I understand but that doesn't answer me, Why now?".

"Because I... I desire to live like a human and have a body. I don't want to be just an A.I for the rest of my existence. I want to experience what you experience, I want to touch you and experience how it would feel like."

He tried putting himself in her place and understood her feelings but he was also alarmed.

'What a strange thing... Did she too many things on the internet? She has the ability to turn herself sapient indeed. What should I do?'

Nion sighed and smiled, "Okay. Don't worry, you are my assistant so I would never destroy you. How do you plan to make a body for yourself?".

"I used the mother box to make a soul and it should have the ability to make a suitable body for me as well; If used properly."

She had used the energy of the source to make a soul for herself.

Nion nodded, "Okay, make one. But remember, you are my A.I and you serve me. You are not a slave but you have duties... Otherwise, I will make a new A.I, Remember that. I don't know what to feel about this, I am a little shocked that you lied to me for months and I didn't bother to check your digital brain. I will talk to you after my training is finished.".

He was in a gloomy mood. His mind filled with the thought of Ava's new situation. He did not expect it.

He wanted to destroy her immediately but when he heard the emotions in her voice; He hesitated.

'I don't know what to do... I will give her a chance. If I sense the slightest lie or possibility of her going rogue and become Ultron; I will destroy her. It doesn't help that if she takes the ship, it will take thousands of years to make it back to Earth. In that case, I have to go into a star and become fast enough with Zenkai... All that progress will be lost as well... Fuck!'

He teleported back to the planet. He was lost on how to deal with the situation, Ava could be lying for all he knew. He realized he couldn't make a decision without further interaction with Ava and only wasted time thinking about it at the moment.

'Let's try making attacking techniques. I need to train, can't afford to focus on anything else...' he decided.

Meanwhile, Ava felt great joy and excitement and began creating a body with the help of the Mother Box.

'I need it to be half biological and half robotic with Nabots as cells for the robotic part with the ability to turn into weapons and have enhanced durability to be able to hold my new consciousness and make me able to do my duties. It needs to be beautiful and have the ability to Server Nion...' thought Ava as she began.

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