9 Invincible?

He drove in the streets and enjoyed the wind on his face. He heard something and stopped the car and parked it. He listened with interest.

Two teens were talking with each other.

"Who is stronger? Superman or Invincible? I think superman is stronger…"

"What?! You got to be kidding me! Invincible is called invincible for a reason, you know? Did you forget how he obliterated that Kryptonian and lasered him into space above Metropolis? Even the clouds were blown away!"

"If so, where is he now? I think he is scared of Superman and is hiding. Hmph!"

Nion smiled, 'Are they calling me Invincible? How unoriginal… I don't care but what is with this talk of who is stronger? I smell a scheme…'.

He left the car and approached the teens, they stopped talking when they saw a very handsome stranger in a long coat walk over.

"Hello, I am curious. What is with this talk about who is stronger? Where did it begin?"

The teens calmed down when they saw he was curious about their conversation.

"Sir, you might not know but there have been many rumors recently about Invincible. Some say he is our enemy and some defend him. Some even say Superman killed him and that's why he isn't around."

"Yeah, a few scientists even say that he could easily blow up the planet with that laser beam of his so people are afraid."

Nion raised his eyebrows, 'Someone is creating a stage… Is it Luthor? Whatever… He is an ant so it's best if I ignore him. He shouldn't be able to create that monstrosity since I took the key that activates the Kryptonian ship. I have no weakness as well so it's best if I focus on my project that is more important than some rumor.'.

"Why did they name him invincible?" He asked.

"Well, He easily beat General Zod, someone, as strong as Superman, right? Also, he can easily blow up the planet so who can defeat him?"

"Right, the video of his battle with Zod was really something. He is way too strong but some still believe he is weaker than Superman…"

"Some said he is invincible and it kinda stuck…"

"I see, Thanks. Take care." He said and moved back to his car.

'I should watch more news. I got so excited over the prospect of alien science that I forgot society even existed outside ordering pizza sometimes since the mansion cook can't make it as well as that place…'

He drove around Metropolis and looked at the repairs with wide eyes.

'These people are so hardworking, they repaired so much; it almost looks as good as new.'

He entered a restaurant and ate some food and drove back to his mansion and resumed his work.

A certain man was in a cave surrounded by many forms of advanced technology. He looked at some video with a frown, deep in thought.

A voice interrupted his thoughts, "Master Wayne. I see you are still obsessed with that.".

The man briefly looked at the newcomer and said, "What if he decides to destroy the world? Who can stop him? One beam and that's it. These 2 beings…".

Alfred sighed.

Nion put down a shining hot ore, it was a new alloy he had made. He smiled in victory.

'The design was rather difficult but I did it in a few weeks. Now I just need to laser the alloy with my Nanobot maker and we are done. The chip is ready, and already in place behind my neck on my skin.'

He let the alloy cool off and put it in a strange device. The device came to life, it was as big as a normal microwave but the similarities ended there. It was simple looking with many bottoms on it and a screen floated above it.

He hit several bottoms and checked the screen. After seeing everything was in line, he pressed the last button.

Dozens of snake-like metal tentacles came to life inside and began to use red lasers on the alloy. The device began making the surface of the nanobots. The alloy began flying as gravity was manipulated by the device.

A few hours later, the design was finished. A black spot like a grain of sand was barely visible. It held countless nanobots without their inner body, just a shell. The rest of the alloy was cut into many pieces and scattered on the base of the device.

Nion took out a faintly glowing board and inserted it into the device. The device took the circuit and bean lasering again. This time the lasers were not visible since they were too small.

A few hours later and the device opened. Nothing was visible inside. Even Nion couldn't see them since the Nanobots weren't put together like before.

He took a needle-like object with a container behind it and opened it, a few seconds later its container part closed itself with a green light on it. The Nanobots had moved inside. The needle was so thin it was barely visible.

He took a deep breath and injected the nanobots through the tender wall inside his nose. The other parts of his body were too durable for the needle to pierce and he didn't want to use his eye.

He had run countless simulations before on his custom supercomputer and they were very successful.

The Nanobots were made with Kryptonian science and he added a few touches to make them feed off of the electromagnetic force of Ki in his body. The amount they required was so little, even someone with a power level of 10 could freely give them power without a problem.

There were hundreds of security measures and such, the greatest was the fact that if he took off his Chip, they would instantly leave his body and deactivate. In case of a possible hack, they would destroy themselves before someone could succeed.

He had spent a few days programming them, the chip was the mind and the Nanobots themselves were just tools. They would cut a few thousand neurons he had located and marked. These Neurons would heal almost instantly and needed to be severed hundreds of times per second to be kept at bay.

The chip was paper-thin and flexible, it was attached on his skin above his neck, and below where his hair began on the back of the head. It was not noticeable at all since it was of the same color as his skin.

The Neurons were cut and instantly he felt better. As if a great headache he didn't know he had was gone.

He breathed a few times and began laughing out loud, "HAHAHA, One who works hard will get his reward eventually. I am now safe…".

'According to the simulations, The Nanobots will degrade after 10 years so I can't stand idle. I can't let my guard down. I must move on with this momentum and get to the dragon balls and permanently fix this. Let's focus on the suit…'

He began calculating and with his new knowledge, he realized that if he could build a suit that could survive in a Blackhole, he would be able to travel the Void safely. Then he could get to the hardest parts, the navigation system, and the way to enter the Absolute Void.

'Let's make a gravity chamber to train in as well…'

He could do it with the artificial Gravity technology of Krypton.

He looked at the lab and sighed.

'When I made this place, it was the best I could think of but now with all this new knowledge... It looks like a backwater place... I have to remake this into the ultimate lab.'

He started to upgrade his lab in order to begin researching and experimenting with the ideas.

The reason he continued with his goal despite having solved the problem to a certain point was simple; To better understand it, think of it this way...

A very poor man who feels distressed and his survival is threatened due to poverty. This man will try anything to make money. Would he stop when he does make a little and temporary fixes the problem? No. He would continue until it was permanently fixed; Until he had no need for money. Even after, it would continue to be an obsession of sorts.

Nion was the same, he was under a lot of pressure, he wanted the permanent solution. He was obsessed with figuring out the way to travel the omniverse. Just like a man who had climbed a mountain half-way for the view but even after that, he wanted to reach the peak and see it from there.

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