1 Awakening on Planet Vegeta

Behind a computer sat an ordinary young man who was looking through his emails.

He suddenly stopped and sighed as he leaned on his computer chair and muttered in frustration, "These spam emails... I hope the one who sends them gets pooped on by a pigeon right on the head.".

He looked outside from the window in his room after cursing a few more times and noticed it was dark. "I better sleep..."

Just as he wanted to turn off his computer, he noticed a new email. He rolled his eyes and just as he wanted to delete it he stopped. "Do you want a new chance at life? Do you crave an adventure?" He read aloud with raised eyebrows.

He seemed amused as he clicked on the email and opened it.

[Do you want a new chance at life? Do you crave an adventure?

If you see this, it means you do. You might wonder if this is a scam but it is not.

Every 500 years, one human from this special world gets this chance. However, be warned that your new life will be completely random. This is a new chance and yet it is unknown whether it will be better or worse than your current life. Everything you have in this life except your memories will be lost. If you do not possess the courage to face the unknown then close this...




Your adventure shall begin, the great being who has given this chance to you has given you 1 blessing to help you survive, in return, the great one wants to possess your body after you leave this world. If you accept, you shall receive a blessing, if not, you shall go on without one. Your body in a coma till death.

If you agree, reply with 1 wish that is acceptable to be asked for. IF not simply reply a blank...

Your new life awaits.]

"This is a very interesting scam! I wonder which moron sent this..." He said with a smile and shook his head. However, he couldn't help but speculate.

'If by any chance this is real, it means some sort of Omnipotent being is interested in me or maybe its pure luck. What does it want with my body? Does he want to run amok on earth? Why? Maybe this is from the devil if it is real that is... Only one way to find out. Let's trace it...'

He had some skill in hacking and tracing so he began searching for the IP it was sent from. A few hours past and yet he found nothing. It was a total blank! He had never encountered such a situation.

'Don't tell me it is real?! Even if there is a very small chance that it is true like those novels... I have to find out what's behind it.'

He hesitated for a few minutes and finally snapped, "Fuck it! Let's send something and see what happens.". He thought for a few seconds, 'The best solution to survival is...' and replied...


He sent it. Awaiting the response with interest. His eyes however showed he was very tired as it was hours past midnight.

He suddenly grew dizzy and felt extremely tired. His eyelids slowly growing heavier...

The last thing he saw was the response as he fell to sleep on the chair.






He gasped as he woke up in shock. His body felt cold and hot at the same time. What greeted him as he opened his eyes was a strange sight. He was engulfed in some strange liquid, a strange device attached to his mouth providing him with air to breathe.

He noticed he was floating in a sitting position inside the liquid. He looked in his front and saw a strange room. For some reason, he felt irritated by the liquid so he unconsciously punched to his front.

To his surprise, something like glass broke and he fell out. The liquid also flowed out onto the floor of the room. He effortlessly tore what was attached to his mouth and stood up. His eyes filled with confusion as he looked around.

He saw pods with people in them, all of them had an inhaler attached to their faces and seemed to be sleep. Their ages varied, what caught his attention were the tails... All of them had tails and ripped bodies.

He looked down and exclaimed in surprise. His body was perfect and ripped. Lean and explosive muscles in every part of his body were visible. he was naked as well!

Suddenly his eyes widened in recognition.

He slowly touched his waist and found a black tail like a monkey's. Certain memories flashed in front of his eyes...

'Before I fell asleep, that email... It was real?!!!!'

His tail Subconsciously moved in front of his face. 'Only beings who heal in pods like these and have tails are... Saiyans!! I have become a Saiyan?!'

Before he could panic, a loud voice interrupted him. "Nion?! HAHAHA, You healed sooner than I expected!"

He turned around and saw a Saiyan who was a head taller than him with Saiyan armor approach him. The Saiyan seemed to know him and had a feral smile, "You crazy bastard! I thought you were gonna die. You are a tough one. I haven't heard of a Saiyan who had survived lethal injuries like yours. Makes me wanna fight ya'!".

A thousand thoughts passed through his head, 'This is too real to be a dream, let's stay calm and deal with this situation. I will panic later...'.

He stayed silent and simply nodded. The Saiyan tossed him the same armor with a compact outfit. "Put those on, That Bastard Frieza is coming here soon. As a First-class Low-Level Warrior, you should be there... Right, let me check."

The Saiyan took out a scouter and put it on, a few numbers flashed on the scouter. "Wow, you got stronger! Battle power of 2600. Not bad! Last time you were 2300... Maybe you actually can beat me this time."

'I am dead!' thought Nion as his heart dropped in his stomach at the thought of Frieza.

The Saiyan looked at Nion Strangely, "Are you okay? You are in a daze.".

Nion nodded as he started putting on the outfit. His brain worked like crazy thinking of the situation while his eyes were blank. He was so in shock, that he had forgotten he was naked in front of a stranger...

The Saiyan nonchalantly gave him a scouter and began walking away, "Whatever, I am off...".

Nion put the scouter on and to his surprise he could read everything that appeared on it. He checked the others and saw their battle powers...

[1120] [460] [865] ...

The armor he was wearing was similar to the one Vegeta wore.

He took a deep breath, "How to escape from this damn planet before it explodes?".

He cautiously walked out of the room into a corridor and continued while acting calmly. Occasionally he saw other species that he couldn't recognize and Saiyans walking around, entering and exiting rooms.

He ignored them and continued.

Suddenly, he stopped as he bypassed a reflective surface. He looked at his own appearance and gawked.

He had pale skin and dark eyes with black hair. His hair was spiky and it stood in a cool fashion; It looked a little like a Spiky Fringe but it was different.

His body was lean and perfect, ripped like a warrior's. His face was sharp and very handsome. He emitted a slightly feral and wild charm. Some strands of hair fell on his face without obstructing his vision or touching his face, making his aura a little dark.

He was broken out of his gawking state when he heard people shouting. He quickly hurried to the room the voices came from and saw a massive orb of light as a second sun on the sky slowly approach the planet from the window.

"Fuck..." escaped his lips as he stared. Despair engulfed him, 'Just as I get here, this shit happens?! What shitty adventure? What bullshit chance at life? This is... Unfair.'.

The ball of light hit the planet and with a tremendously loud boom, Everything exploded.

He felt his skin burning, every part of his body was in pain. Suddenly, he felt like the world around him shifted somehow and the pain became 100 times worse. As if millions of monsters were devouring his flesh at the same time.

The last thing he saw as he fainted was the infinitely bright light at the middle of a planet exploding and suddenly infinite darkness spreading with a myriad of unimaginable colors in between as if a strange nothingness eating away space and time. As the scouter crumbled into nothingness, the last things on it were his power level rapidly climbing due to Zenkai...

[3000] [3500] [5000] [7000] [8000] [Over 9000...] ...

A dimensional crack had formed due to the intense explosion and he had fallen inside. Any being would have been instantly destroyed in this kind of deep void but he had a certain blessing.

He was Immortal... An Immortal Saiyan.

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