TERRA is a planet with a very advanced civilization, technological development on this planet is very fast, many countries are competing in technology starting from the development of weapons, vehicles, and everything related to their technology to compete.

Although this race is very good but it is only for the upper classes while for the lower classes they suffer greatly, due to this technological race also caused many lower class people who lost their jobs, they want to grow crops but there is no vacant land, they want to be laborers but all industry has been replaced by robots.

They can only be scavengers in landfills, but what they can do is just rubbish and does not have high economic value, the government just closes its eyes to this problem, even there are some people who suggest genocide.

Nowadays the agriculture industry has advanced and no human being is a farmer, all farmers are robots, so the food reserves of various governments are not lacking, but they also cannot always provide free food every day.

Various solutions have been sought to solve this problem but no one has produced a viable solution. Starting from the introduction of this Virtual reality game is the first step of the government because the gaming industry is very advanced VR development has also advanced, so the VR game was launched [WORLD], in this game the players can do many things ranging from fighting, fishing, cooking, farming building empires and so on.

This step is actually quite good but it does not solve the root of the problem because the root of the problem is the large number of people and the small amount of work.

But one day the Liberal Confederation government made a very big breakthrough that they found a long-distance space warship after the discovery that the governments of all countries immediately made a lot of long-distance spaceships.

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The government wants to find a planet where humans can live and then they want to immigrate. But this did not go smoothly because the planet found could not be inhabited by humans, starting from the planet is very hot and there is no source of water or too cold so that the entire planet covered with snow and even planets covered with water.

Space travel is very expensive even some countries to withdraw from the expedition because the funds needed are very high.

But one day the dionian imperial government found a palnet that was suitable for habitation and had many resources ranging from minerals, wood, animals and so on, but this was not a good thing because in that palnet there were indigenous people who were still very backward, this population even still used iron weapons and they still use animals for vehicles.

That caused many countries to make colonies on the planet but that was not a good thing for the natives because they were often slaughtered by invaders, it was just the beginning of another chaos namely conflict between nations, many countries fighting over natural resources on the planet .

The contradiction lasted for several years even after a century of colonialism there was still a contradiction and the culmination of this contradiction was the occurrence of a world war on the planet which caused the planet to collapse.

Because of the dark history that all governments signed the Valdos agreement, the contents of the agreement was that every country that found a planet then the planet belongs to that country and if there is a conflict of interests it will be peacefully negotiated.

After a few centuries all countries have had several colonies, this is due to the many discoveries and developments of spacecraft so all countries are more advanced and some homeless people have rarely been seen on the streets.

Even though planet colonization has solved many things but there are still many problems that have been discovered starting from the disputed planet or a planet that has high technology and causes war.

In the case of colonialism there were actually only three countries which could be considered able to develop colonies and other countries were still underdeveloped.

The three countries are the Liberal Confederation, the Dionian Empire, and the Free Republic. Only those three countries have higher funds and technology than other small kingdoms, which sometimes makes the three countries often have contradictions and conflicts of interest.


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