1 Bite Your Tongue or Lose It

∞ Waves Crash Down As Kingdoms Fall ∞


Spinning coups over an unhinged flotsam that melts

On tips of tongues as you stroll by the deadened sea,

Sparking new possibilities over the wreckage of reality.


Crashing waves carry the idle gossip to greet the shore

As teeth bite through cheeks to stifle the futile echoes;

Plow through sand dunes with backwoods backhoes.


Suck up the turpentine to relieve your gasping lungs.

Build your city on the ruins of your nauseating thoughts.

Fill your veins with the rubble that your kingdom wrought.


∞ Mustaches on Whales Without Tails, Without Tales ∞


Breathing fire down the backs of men made of stone,

Burning holes in our lungs as we perch on our thrones.

Grasping the tails of stars as they fall through the sky,

Screaming hearts long for the days when we could fly.


Prayers are whispered on the sticky summer breeze.

A gypsy spins words drowned on the edge of the sea.

Whales peer out to welcome heady peals of thunder.

Slow time so colors can be heard, bring rise to wonder.


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Reflections ricochet through these halls made of glass.

Sparks fly high in hidden places under the overpass.

Clutching promises as teardrops fall on broken dreams;

Those starless nights aren't as empty as they seem.


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