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Gray Rogue


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A 27-year-old man deep in debt died protecting a little child from predators. His life was worthless, but he decided in the last moments of his life to save another. He reincarnated in a world similar but not entirely the same as his previous one. Reborn in a peaceful village with the name of Luka, he is blessed by the gods with his golden eyes as proof. He explores this new world with great curiosity. He learns many things and meets many people. But the world isn't so nice to its inhabitants, and Luka will realize that fact in a cruel, hard, and bloody way. Join him on this journey in another world. A journey filled with strife, friendship, love, and loss. A journey that would force Luka to make a choice. A choice that will either save the world...or ruin it. ======================================== Warning: contains mature content. Readers discretion is advised. No update schedule. I'll try to be active and release chapters frequently and not slack off for 3-4 months like what I do with my fanfic. Chapter length: 1k-1.5k words. Maybe more depending on my mood. Cover is not owned by me. If the artist wants me to take it down, reach out. Source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/67705897


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