2 The next day


I was in a diner being made fun of by my sister and what seems to be my gruncle or uncle but and I had a pan cake on the plate they were making fun of me for some song I've never heard which seemed odd the name sounded girly but I've never listened to a song lile that.

I've listened to Blood//Water by grandson and its my favorite song purely because the parallels it has with actual society, and my second favorite song is Violence by Alexandria .

Me:'How odd, and I don't seem to be able to move at all.'

Me:'And the way I'm dressed is weird sense I almost never wear clothing like that as well except on 8 warmer days because I don't wear my punisher and skeleton hoodies when it's hot out.'

Real world

And then I woke up.

Me:'So it's a dream it makes sense its probably what I didn't want to be that me seemed like a pushover and a spineless wimp who was walked all over by his family.'

Me:'But I'm not like that I keep up an act similar to that when my family is around amd I wear clothing like that also when my family is around so they don't think im some emo, it's funny really my family is judgemental extremely so especially my sister she can really be a drag, and a nuisance always guilt tripping me.'

Me:'Anyways I've got to get ready and then I'll go down to eat breakfast I hope its pan cakes and bacon, oh how I love some good ole bacon.'

And so I dressed into my outfit I wear around my family mainly.

And then I walk downstairs.

Me:'I honestly can't wait to get out of this town I hate it here the way everyone ignores me and I hated how my sister always gained attention even when I try to cause trouble I'm never noticed and mever get punished, I've never had attention from anyone but my family really that's why I'm usually spending time with them at least they notice me .'

I saw that on the table was bacon pancakes and eggs my favorite breakfast fooda, then I glanced at my parents.

First I glanced at my mom and then my dad, my mom had light Brown hair that was always well kept she always wore a simple dress and had a rainbow hairclip she had light blue eyes, then my father had dark brown hair and hazel eyes amd he had a brush like mustache and usually wore a white t shirt and some cargo shorts or pants when he was spending time with us.

I love my family as much as I dislike them especially my sister but I don't blame them and i just take it all.

Father:"Hey kiddo, did you sleep well?"

Me:"Yeah Dad, Oh by the way mom the food looks great as always."

Mom:"Oh thanks Dippy, as you probably already know I made your favorite."

Me:'Ugh that stupid nickname evem though I lile having one that one is so bad.'

Mabel:"Dipper guess what we're going shopping today for some more clothes before are big trip!, isn't that great!?" Mabel excitedly say.

Me:"Yeah,yeah it does maybe I can get some more white and black clothing maybe some more with skulls maybe some more punisher clothing or even some targaryen stuff."

Mom:"I'm sure we can get you all of the right hunnie?"

Dad:"Yes dear it's not a problem."

Me:'Ive always worn semi expensive clothes they're between 50-80$ per piece of clothing excluding underwear and socks my sister always buys 30-60 $ clothes which is ok she can get what she likes, I just always thought girls liked expensive things from how the girls and guys conversations in my class but who knows.'

Me:'Now that I think about it its for the best, if they didn't want to go shopping I might have not realized this but doing magic during the day in our back yard or in the woods isn't the best idea, the excitement clouded my judgement is my defense, Like seriously its frickin MAGIC! seriously who wouldn't be excited.'

Me:'Well I dedicate another night or two to make sure I have a good handle on bonds of the dead before I even look at my first shadow magic spell.'

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And so we continue to eat, with someone talking every once in a while after we're done eating and rinsing the dishes we head out to the car and we go to the store.

And then Mabel made me help her decide which sweater suites her more between a cloud sweater and a rainbow sweater, I chose the rainbow one and she agreed.

And then I grabbed all my shirts I also grabbed some shirts with crosses and other weird shapes mostly one with diamonds and triangles.

And then on the way home we picked up some food from Mc Ronalds I grabbed mc chickens as usual the mayo, lettuce, and chicken together just tasted so good~ and the fries completed it I couldn't of ordered anything better.

And then I went in my room and locked the door and started practising a smaller scale version of my magic I tried finding animal skeletons and most of they're soul flames were grey and I kept restraining a journal of mine I used exclusively squirrels all because of a pet cat we own and that cat always hid dead squirrels in my room and long story short it was easy and I have been successful every time.

So I decided after dinner I'll start practising my shadow magic and then move on more complicated dark magic.

And so a few more hours of practising circulating and trying to compress extrlernal mana into a ball.

It was hard I only made a golf ball sized ball and rolled it around my fingers and then it turned into a black flame that ingulfed my hand but didn't hurt it then I reabsorbed the mana sense it hasn't been used completely yet.

Me:"Interesting, is it possible I could use a form of fire magic or is it a sub category of soul and dark magic, hmm questions questions I will find out more after I practise more of these spells."

Mabel:"Dipper! Dinners done!!"

I heard mabel yell amd it shook me out of my thoughts and I started putting away my grimoire and I unlocked my door and headed down stairs.

Me:'Soon I'll practice shadow magic its probably best to use at night anyways, because that is when the most quantity of shadows are around.'

Amd so I went down and ate dinner it was one of my favorite foods chinese specifically sushi and egg rolls, it was delicious and aftereards I rushed upstairs to pretend to be preparing for bed and my reading like i usually do except I'll be reading my grimoire and I won't be sleeping for a while.

I fooled them like usual, its so easy to do like usual.

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