3 Shadow magic (Edited)

Then I opened my grimoire and turned to the next page and it read.

Shadow Meld


The user fuses with the shadows then the user becomes one with the darkness created by the light therefore your also overshadowed by it as well people will ignore you and won't be able to visually see you unless they focus light on your exact location you can only meld with existing shadows.

This ability is strongest at night because the user can hide almost anywhere it also passively hides your presence and allows the user to let his presence be known if someone already is passively ignored they have used this ability subconsciously.

Also be aware this ability can be ignored if you are hiding from someone at least .5x stronger than you but this ability allows the user to hide in other living beings shadows but once they're shadow is completely gone if that is possible then you are shoved out of they're shadow.

And then it shows a diagram of creating a straight line of mana that connects to a shadow and then it shows the two fusing amd intertwining together.

Notes:Don't fret higher tiers of shadow magic allow the user to hide from more powerful beings but there is one being the user may never hide from but this information camnot be revealed the user will probably encounter this being when using Dark magic.

Dispelling: To dispel this spell the user only has to say is I am no shadow.

'This ability is very useful it has so many applications even if it's the lowest shadow magic.'

'So this one I can practice in my room easily after using it outside, since more than likely there are more shadows, which hopefully will increase my success rate allowing me to learn it with far more ease.

'Once I learn shadow meld and master it I can easily practice magic during the day due to having a easy escaoe route and hiding place incase someone notices, i just master this then it will allow me to learn a few more spells before leaving.'

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And so I snuck outside and prepared to cast it on a shadow created from some solar lights in our back yard.

"Σκιά απόδοσης."

And then I felt like I was coated in a blanket, but I felt somewhat of a chill but it wasn't uncomfortable it was surprisingly comforting, it felt almost like I was in the bed. While in this state I could see the outside world than a squirrel passed by me and sat right in front of my periphial area and did nothing, except block my view.

'So it does work I'm guessing the reason why its so easy to do magic, which was something I wondered why it wasn't that difficult ,I've been wondering why it appeared magic wasn't hard since my first try at one of my spells is because I'm possibly talented and I have a book telling me what to do exactly,perhaps higher tiered spells will take more attempts, I also noticed my abyss like mana is expanding, but it isn't anything to worry about it's actually even better for me since I can cast even more spells.'

Then I prepared myself to dispel my magic.

"I am no shadow." I uttered out.

And then I appeared towering over the squirrel who looked at me and back down and back at me and then ran like its life depended on it.

"How weird, well I'll try this spell a few more times and after that I will try another dark magic spell and I'll call it a night."

And so I chose the same location as the first time.

"Σκιά απόδοσης."

"I am no shadow."

"Σκιά απόδοσης."

"I am no shadow."

It worked every time without any issues, but the cost of repeatedly recasting the same spell was a quarter of my mana.

"Well its certainly not a fluke, so I believe I am ready for my next spell."

Then I turn the page than I read the words written on the possibly ancient pages of my grimoire.

Scream of the banshee


The user mimics the mana circulation a banshee does to scream and essentially does the same.

A banshee is a spirit usually having great malice or some other dark emotion, they are always women they have a extremely high bit scream that is a sonic attack that causes thee target to gain permanent damage to their ears but it only affects the target due to the excess mana completely containing the magically artificial sound waves to that area unlike a normal banshee screech which you should avoid or protect yourself from, due to the sheer power behind a normal banshees scream which can rupture organs eardrums and sometimes even blood vessels.

You enfuse your mana into the yell or scream to make it into a bone chilling scream, that will injure the target or simply disorient them.

It shows a diagram of mana going to a voice and then the screech and how the mana is like a funnel.

Notes:This is considered dark due to the nature of the spell mimicking a creature of the dead and this spell is almost always used to cause harm.

Dispelling: it can't be dispelled it is over once you stop screaming and infusing your mana into your voice, so to stop using it all you have to do is cut the mana flow and or just stop screaming like a newborn.

Me:"Yeah I'm not doing this for a while I'll skip this page and look through the next three tomorrow morning, I'm heading to bed."

And so is started heading to bed and looked at the names of the next three spells.

Shadow rend , Raise small skeletal animal, Sound of shadows.

Were the next spells and all seemed useful I'll have to revisit this spell after I find a spell to muffle or mute sounds.

Hopefully I find one soon or I will have to limit what spells I learn some of these might take me a few days.

Well it's time to rest so I close the book and hid it under my pillow like usual and so I slept yet again.

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