7 Mystery shack

Outside a shack like structure with a sign that a had a question mark and read the mystery shack stood three people a boy who wore a orange t shirt with a hoodie that was black on one side and white on the other on one shoulder was a picture of a angel which appeared to have black feathery wings on the black side , amd on the white there was a demon like creature with a pitchfork and even leathery black wings but had a halo a spike halo in top of its head both were gender neutral with no defining feautures besides the ones of they're races, the boy wore shorts that were grey with a skull on the right leg of the shorts he had brown hair what appears to be brown eyes and had well degined muscles it was similar to a swimmers build but the muscles were more defined and bulged slightly more than a swimmer it was the bill of a skilled martial artist there were some light scars on his knees and his elbows from what looks to be from combat, the boy looked on with a disinterest look lile everything bored him which if you knew the boy most things did bore him.

To the left of the boy stood a old man dressed in a black suit gitted with a tie amd a fez atop his head his hair was grey be it his beard or the hair atop his head which you could barely see with the fez on his head.

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And finally to the left of this old man stood a girl who eyes would be star shaped if this wasn't real life her mouth agape she sported a pink rainbow sweater she had long brown hair that was well kept currently amd in that hair was a pink hair band she wore socls and slip ins and the final touch to her outfit was a purple skirt she had light blush as well on her cheeks.

The old man then spoke"Well as you can see this is the old shack where you'll be stayingbfor the summer, but don't judge her by her appearnace, give her a chance and I'm sure you'll appreciate her." The Old man spoke.

The boy then spoke "Yeah I'm sure I will , just like everything else." he spoke his words laced with sarcasm and a condescending look that was just saying yeah sure you could just tell what he thought.

But the girl spoke the same time as the boy so noone heard what he said its not like they would care anyways. "This place is amazing! I can't wait to see our room!" she spoke out excitedly in her usual energetic voice that annoyed the boy oh so frequently.


Back to dippers pov.

Me:'Jeez my sister always was the one to excited over almost everything.'

Me:'Honestly I could care less as long as i can practice my transmutation and magic and this concoction making after I get my magic and normal alchemy down, from my understanding mana is required to use alchemy and transmute objects into a new object.'

Me:'But this alchemy has some combat potential I will have to try it later for now I need to learn more magic like the magic I plan on learning tonight because I'm sure he'll soend time with us or have us do something.'

And then I shook my head to get out of my thoughts and catch up to my gruncle and sister and after about 30 seconds of us heading towards the shack we finally entered and there I saw a really cool girl that seemed my type and a guy who was on the father side with a question mark on his shirt were in the shop area the girl was at the register with her feet on the counter reading a magazine chilling there.

Me:'I can't ever possibly date her , she probably has a boyfriend and our age difference, wait if I wanted to couldn't I use my knowledge, no dipper don't think of that now ,you can decide it later and if I really wanted a girlfriend I should probably look for someone my age, yes that makes more sense.'

After my internal dilemma I heard my gruncle speak.

Gruncle stan:"Wendy soos these two are my niece and nephew Dipper and Mabel, dipper and Mabel these two are Wendy and apps they're both my employees."

Me:"Yo." Is all I said I honestly don't have much to say right now.

Wendy:"Ok." She did a ok sign with her hands

Soos:"Nice to meet you, my name's soos but you already know that."

Mabel:"I'm Mabel its nice to meet you all!" Mabel excitedly says again.

Me:'I've always wondered why she was so energetic I still don't know, and i just can't figure out how she gets so excited over something this mudane.'

And then Stan started show us around.

Stan:"This is the living room where you can watch T.V."

Then we started walking through a hall and then stopped at a door.

Stan:"This is my room, and when I'm in here don't bother me."

Then we started walking back to the living amd going tonthe next room over.

Stan:"This is the kitchen, where you can go and get something to eat."

Me:'I really don't think I'll like my gruncle for a while.'

And then we started walking upstairs to a attic of sorts.

Stan:" And this is your room where you'll be staying."

Me:'Well at least it's big and we both have our own side.'

Me:"Alright I call left side."

Mabel:"Oh Dang I wanted left side."

Me:"I had called it first so you get right side."

She looked sorta down but took the left.

And so I headed towards my new bed and put my luggage on the side of it and Mabel did the same for her side and then out gruncle spoke.

Stan:" Well kids this will be all be down stairs arohnd sixish for dinner and besides that your free for today tomorrow you'll start working in the shack."

I stayed neutral and Mabel was excited and about to yell in joy before Stan left. and she geld it in.

And so I went towards my bed and just layed down a picked my magic book with the fake cover on it nad started studying the information I've read so far.

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