6 Gravity Falls

On the ride to gravity falls I decided to read through the two other spells that I will practice tonight and hopefully master i'm sure by they're names and probably uses they are minor spells because basic spells have they're usefulness but they usually prepared me for higher tier spells like teaching me to sense soul fires and how to infuse mana into shadows.

So the spells I have to read are shadow rend and raise small skeletal animal and I'll also practice scream of the banshee now sense I've learned a spell to muffle the sound I'll create, which will also allow me to protect unintentional targets.

Then I looked at my book and started to read I kept the cover on it incase Mabel decides she wants to be snoopy.

And then I started to read..

Shadow rend



The user uses the ability to infuse shadows with mana but now to solidify the shadow into a slash attack you are using the shadows your hands make and infusing the shadows through your hand and make a chopping motion due to the mana infusion the shadow will not disappear unlike other shadow infusion spells you learned which is Shadow Meld which you fuse with shadows so it can still disappear from exposure to light.

But you've actually been learning mostly fake maguc and your dark magic you've learned so far is only half magic due to the soul flames and using mana to connect only a few minor spells for Dark magic are true magic and and once you enter the lessee category will you finally use true magic you will alter the forces of nature to your whims and not just infuse your mana into what you desire youneill create everything you need, so much through this these spells will be very useful for learning true magic it will give you ideas how to actually use it.

Notes:Don't fret young mage these spells are mainly to build the foundations for later spells which is true magic, but these also serve the primary purpose to make sure you survive any attack that a creature of more obscure origins may launch, there is also a true magic version of this spell you will learn much later, which is why learning this spell is useful and it is your second offensive spell so its even more useful.

I close the book and contemplate what I just learned...

Me:'Damn!, this has gotten more complicated, I should've known that magic wouldn't be this easy but this is quite a surprise but a welcomed one I felt some of these spells were rather lack luster.'

Me:'What interests me the most was these spells were meant my survival and anyone else's who have read this book before besides the author.'

And then I was shook out of my thoughts by my sister.

Me:"What is it Mabel?!"

I was slightly irritated so I let my emotions get the better of me after a while.

Mabel:"Well Dipper we're here, but I guess next time I won't let you know."

Me:"I'm sorry Mabel but I was deep in thinking about some possible ideas."

I said as we started walking .

Mabel:"Like what?"

Me:"Of course what I will do this summer, I plan on having sum fun maybe fishing, I have ways wanted to try spear fishing."

Me:'I used a half truth I did always want to soear fish and I was thinking of my plans for this summer just not mudane ones like most people think of, no I'm thinking of the usual summer plans but all the mischief and fun I can cause with my magic.'

And me and Mable saw our great uncle Stan

Stan:"Hey kids , I'm your great uncle stan, but you can call me Gruncle Stan, eh eh get it."

Mabel:"Ahaha , he said gruncle as in great uncle hahaha!"

Me:"Yeah, yeah its hilarious,nice to meet you gruncle stan."

I then held out my hand to my Great uncle stan who was dressed in a black suit with a tie and on top of his head was a fez and he gripped my hand firmly but so did I and we had a nice and firm handshake.

Gruncle Stan:"alright let's head to where you'll be staying I'll show you your rooms and where everything is, ok Kids.


Mabel:"Ok, sounds great to me!"

And then after saying so she flashed her biggest smile I've seen.

I had a slight smile looking at this scene.

And so we continued to walk towards our home for the summer.

As we walked I thought.

Me:'I wonder how my adventures will go, and will I enjoy these next few days.'

And then I saw a question mark and read the words mystery shack.

In a building with several people there a whole crows and it seems to be a tourist trap.

Me:'This has to be a joke, right?'

Gruncle Stan: "Welcome to the myster shack where you'll be staying with me the whole summer."

Me:'Well Damn!, well I'm sure Mabel will be disappointed as well.'


Me:'And she has yet again betrayed my expectations of her, well on the Brightside I cam get away with some of my magic as practice for an attraction at the mystery shack, and this could be interesting.'

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