5 Change of plans

While I was about to finish my meditation to study mana and soul flames more thoroughly.

Mabel:"Dipper!, it's time for Lunch!"

Me:"Ok!, I'll be down in a minute!"

then I start heading down but I notice almost all the things I would need to go on a trip was packed.

Me:"Umm whats going on?"

Mom:"Well dippy your father an I have realized you need fresh air sooner than we thought, you are holed up in your room like your sister all the time after all so your going to your great uncle stan for the summer today after lunch and we'll even drive you to the bus stop."

Me:"Well that sounds good for me I was excited to meet more of my family, may I pack a few things that I would like to bring?, its only a few books."

Mom/Dad:"Of course your allowed to we both know how much you like your books."

They both smiled at eacch other and then me it was a warm smile that made me feel at ease.

Me:'Seriously though this is such a drag all my plans for magic preparation for gravity falls ruined even though it will be easier to learn magic due to abundant forests.'

Me:'This also irritates me because Mabel will more than likely be more nosey due to not being able to talk or be around her other friends here.'

Me:'Well time to grab my grimoire what I've learned can allow me to escape enough situations that I feel somewhat safe.'

Me:"Thanks mom and dad, I'll be right back in a few minutes."

Then I start heading upstairs and I opne my door but then I see the monitor on with some words, it read...

Well I see you've progressed nicely in the art of magic,but sadly you will not be able to prepare more, but you could gain some more knowledge, useful knowledge all you have to do is agree to one little thing don't let anyone guilt trip you into something I want every chojce to be your own even if you decide to make bad deals it will still be your choice.

Me:"I accept if it will give me it automatically."

The screen changed and read...

You will gain it all instantly and will balck out for about one human minute but how you use this knowldege is up to you, you will also gain a book full of a subclass of the knowlwdge I will give you and remember the truth, nothing is free... now just drop some magically infused blood on a candle to gain what you've asked and don't bother figuring out my identity because this is the last bit of aid and of me you'll see.

I then did as he said and then I felt and intense pain and passed out and then I woke up with this knowledge of what is called alchemy.

It's weird I can transfigure non living objects into whatever I desire for as long as I want and I just noticed I had this book in my hand that read Concoctions of the magical nature and it had skulls and a dragon in the center.

Me:I'll have to sort through everything on the trip and then plan what to do from there, I will have to learn to make whatever these are and learn nore magic this will help me with my adventure.'

And so I grabbed my books and covered them with other book covers to disguise them. and carried them downstairs and put them into my luggage.

Mom:"Well let's going so we can get you heading towards your great uncles."

And so we started driving towards the bus stop I just blocked everything else out.

Me:'With all these abilities and spells this will be a very interesting summer, hopefully its everything I imagine to be and maybe more.'

Me:'But I haven't been acting like myself I'm usually really chill it must be the magic it is exciting after all because duh its magic...'

Me:'My sister would be flipping out if she knew too bad it seems noome here has mana from the looks of it.'

Then I was snapped out of my thoughts by being shook.

Mabel:"Dipper we're here and we just made it here for the bus we almos missed it so lets hurry up!"

Me:"Ok,Ok I'm going , I'm going."

And then we went towards the bus we both waved are parents goodbye.

Me/Mabel:"We'll miss you."

Mom/Dad:"We'll miss you too , Make sure to be safe and dipper look out for your sister."

Me:"I will."

And so we went on the bus after we finished our goodbyes.

And so we started making to the place where we will live for the summer.

Me:'I truly do hope its everything I imagined it to be.'


Mabel:'Hopefully I can get alot of picturesnfor a scrap book this summer.'

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