1 Beginnings of the Lord of Darkness (Edited)

As I dropped the blood on the candle I said these words.

Me:"I swear on all that is evil, dark, disturbing, and revolting to others that I shall use this magic only for my only selfishness be it for gain, vengeance, or even pure evil , may I become the shadows and the darkness and they shall become me."

Then everything went to black.

???:"Mwahahaha... so you have accepted.... remember ...what you agreed upon lets hope you don't die on me too quickly."

I was about to question this being but then I woke up.

And then I notice a book that seems to be a grimoire it had a skull on the front and several distorted faces surrounding it that are tan and the background was black it almost seemed like there were souls, as a border it had black flames, it was a darker shade of black while the back ground was a lighter shade of black.

And then it had a chain ,each link was made up of mini human skulls the area that would have been bone was silver with pitch black eyes.

And the chain was attached to the book and a set of cuffs that are made up of three dog heads that look like they are ready to bite into some flesh.

Me:'Interesting color choice , how original a black book full of dark secrets, as cliche as it may be so far it seems like it could be legitimate, though I do wonder how did this book appear , it could've actually been a ritual like it said that would be likely.'

Me:"Well lets open the book."

I opened the book there was strange writing that I understood and could speak for some reason.

The first paragraph read

Bonds of the dead


The user uses any bodies not purified by a holy mantra it does not matter the time of death.

Details:Usually A crack in the earth will appear and several undead primarily skeletons will grab onto the target and oull them them down to they're head and when commanded to release they will but if they were on the surface they will only grab and restrain the target. this is all they can do once you say release they will go back to the earth that they were resting where they're souls will stay until called upon again sleeping.

And then there was a diagram of what way should this energy called mana be circulated through the body it was in a triangle.

Note: Higher difficulty spells can raise the dead and the basic spell for shadow magic is on the next page, It is recommended for easier use of this spell is trying to sense souls if you are successful you will see different colored flames it will be explained in the next spell of the occult what these flames mean, it is not recommended to move onto another spell until you finish the previous.

Me:*Sighs*" Of course I obtain the one thing I wanted about two weeks before I have to go to gravity falls.

Me:'Well at least i can probably learn the first few spells, hopefully Mabel is not too intolerable, I love her but she can be such a drag always having so much energy and always bothering me but I do enjoy it most of the time.'

Me:"Well I'll start practising, sense I ate dinner hours ago."

And so I tried sensing this flame I tried using this energy I sensed recently it seemed to be pitch black like an abyss.

And so I spread it out and after what felt like hours I finally found a white flame.

Me:'I wonder what white means.'

And then I sensed a few blue and green flames then I stopped sensing the flames backed I stopped letting the black energy out.

Me:'I need to test it out now I think an owl or some other small animal will work.'

And then I snuck out not before I looked at the time it was 11 P.M.

Me:'I really was meditating or rather sensing for a few hours.'

I was really surprised from all those books what you feel and what time it actually is , is usually different but I guess I was right.

So I am out in yard and I spotted a deer in the woods out back.

We live in a tight knit community here it's about a twenty minutes away from a bigger town and 40 minutes aways from a city but luckily we live in a forest or these tests of mine would be more difficult.

Then I attempted the spell I tried, first I circulated the mana in the shape it told me which is a triangle and then I spoke the words

Me:"Ομόλογα των Νεκρών."

And then my mana I believe it was called into the earth then there was a slight shaking and a sound of bones cracking and then a skeletal hands grabbed the deers leg , then some skeletons climbed out of the crevice and grabbed the torso of the deer amd they pulled the deer down and the only the head was above.

The deer was scared it was shaking and crying and making sounds of desperation but it worked!

Me:"Yes! It worked, it really worked."

Me:'Ok I need to release the deer and sneak back before someone wakes up and finds me and the deers with a deer in the ground, I can already imagine what will happen and it will not happen that way.'

And so I spoke again in this weird language.


And then the earth opened up again but a bunch of skeletal hands held up the deer by they're palms and moved they're arms back and then forward and the deer was in the woods and then they were swallowed by the earth never to be seen again tonight at least.

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And the deer I high tailed it out if here.

~And so I snuck back into the house successfully and noone was non the wiser.

~And I slept shortly after due to this mental exhaustion I felt after all this practice.


So before anyone asks the language is greek I think it's ancuent greek but i could be wrong anyways heres the pronunciation of the two phrases this chapter.

Omóloga ton Nekrón


It's in order by the way so yeah you can check for yoursleves in google translate.

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