9 Alchemy and Canon starts

I started walking away from the clearing intent on heading back to the Mystery Shack all to get my other book which was on the topic of alchemy only the concoction portion.

Me:'Now I need to come up with an excuse why I'm collecting different types of flaura and fauna perhaps I could say im testing different rupea of ingredients to cook for my family, yes that could work and they may think I'm being sweet or maybe for everyone yes the the second option sounds slightly better.'

And after a few minutes of walking I've finally arrived at the shack.

Me:'Ok I need to locate my book and then I'll start ingredient hunting, hopefully its nothing to difficult.'

And then I snuck in I silently chanted a spell to sneak through without detection.

Me::"Σκιά απόδοσης."

And then I disappeared seemingly and so I moved in the shadows at a decent pace I just casually walked in reality through the shadows after all the halls are pitch black no light except from the occasional moonlit window.

And so I quickly made it to my room and then I spoke the dispel incantation.

Me:"I am no shadow."

And then I appeared out of the shadows but to anyone else it was like I appeared out of nowhere.

Me:'Ok I just need to grab my book then I'll use shadow meld to travel back to where I was practising to read my book because Stan seems to be onto me he may not act like it, but from some of his mannerisms I could tell just slight differences from his previous body language I could tell he knew somewhat what I was doing or at the very least what I was doing.'

Me:'And that weird black flame I made coat my hands I need to test it out.'

And about two minutes later I was back at my clearing where I train and read.

Me:"Ok lets opwn this up."

And so I opened it up and then I read the first page.

Well it looks like your on your journey to become a alchemist, Keep in mind you will be making concoctions with magical properties,

You will be able to stop death with your healing potions , brew liquid luck with your skills, Be able to either reverse your age or even age yourself, and to a certain extent increase your life span and much much more but all things come at a cost and the cost is you need the ingredients, the knowledge which you now have and finally the skill to masterfully brew these potions.

Now, How the sections are organized, they go by difficulty and tier so you start with the easiest potions of that tier and go up obviously either a concoction that heals or a poison will be the first one in a section because they are the easiest to make usually.

And remember be wary of magical creatures they're looks can be deceiving and they could be more powerful than you could imagine,Now if you can try to befriend them it makes for a renewable ingredient source and you gain some protection, and you could have some comradre, maybe companionship, and even romance perhaps really is up to you its not like my life is on the line anyways long story short theres plenty you can do to make it easier on yourself.

Me:'The author of this book must be pretty eccentric, it's refreshing though unlike the other book you can tell how the author was like, in the other its all information and it has notes to help you out or give out nore information, it's not bad it just gets bland after a while.'

And so with my fleeting thoughts I turned the page...

Minor Vial of regeneration


Difficulty:Very Easy

Ah the minor vial of regenration I remember when I brewed my first one, now the minor vial of regeneration as you can guess by the name can regenerate damaged tissue the extent though is minor like its name implies it can only regenerate so many cells before the potion no longer effwcts you and you need to take another it can regenerate cuts in seconds and damage to eyes or ears, or any more minor injury including ones that would otherwise not heal because it only heals the cells so shortly after taking damage to something like the eyes which if you did you have a few minutes to consume this potion vefore you would need a better healing potion which would actually revive the dead cells.

Anyways long story short this potion is only useful if you have it on hand when you have taken the injury, you can digest this potion or dump it on the wound or area you want healed.

So now we're on to ingredients to gain the regneration effect you will need to find a Glow cap mushroom. then it shows a picture of it, it obviously glows so irs easiest to find at night , next they have red spots these red spots is qhere you get thw healing effect they contain low amounts of spores with healing properties, and next you will need some.beard hair from a gnome the smarter the better, the reason for this is quite simple actually the mana in the gnomes actually boost the healing properties up to the level where it cam heal cells but the more mana a gnome has the smarter you could find a higher mana enriched ingrediwnt but the mana may be too much and nullify the healing effect, due to over saturation.

Then it shows a picture of a garden gnome.

Usually Gnomes non white hair have higher intelligence which means they have more mana a gnome will never he able to over saturate an ingredient due to them having a body which only allows them to have the perfevt amount of mana for low tier ingredients that's if they're a brown hair though a normal gnome will do the effects will not be the best if it was a normal gnome you'll have the effects I've given but if its a brown haired it will actually resurrect some dwad cells and heal much more, you see the difference a higher quality ingredient can create imagine what that would do to higher tier potions.

Now the final ingredient you have two base components now you need to add what combines them together , liquid mana enriched fruit of sorts now this is a common ingredient in areas where magical creatures live its the most basic mana boosted flaura you will fond out there the way to tell the quality is how much it glows the highest quality would be a dim glow which creates as much light a singular torch bug, if its at a candle levels of producing light its over saturated and will reduce potion quality but if your fine with that you could do that and after you pick at least one to two mana enriched fruit then you can make about two vials of this potion.

Now the portions you need of each ingredient to make this concoction, first a half of a flowing muchroom, second a small bindle of gnome hair and finally a mana enriched fruit juice about enough to fill half the vial the other half will be filled.

Then once you have this vial you will need put it on a brewing stand of sorts sens you are making smallee quatities of potion for this and make sure the flame ks hor enough to make the potion simmer it will accelerate the process of magically bonding the ingredients together and once you can't see the ingredients any more and the potion takes on a more pinkish color compared to the previous red then your potion is done.

Notes:There are far better potions later vials are the smallest batches you can make and are easier to make then bigger batches because you can control factors easier, like heat for example is a factor, anyways bigger batches of potion have higher mana fluctuations so it can knock someone out give them mana poisoning or just attract unwanted attention.

Me:'Well it's not that bad but its going to be annoying to aqcuire these ingredients, with my gruncle probably watching me at the shack except our room or the bathroom everywhere else is probably bugged, at least maybe i someway,actually on secodn thought hes probably too cheap .'

And so I packed my stuff and started to hwad back towards the shack but first I casted my spell.

Me:"Σκιά απόδοσης."

And then I disappeared and started heading back to the shack..

After a few minutes I was back in the shack heading up stairs and about to enter my room.

And then I was in my room by moving from under our door and then I said the dispel incantation.

Me:"I am no shadow."

And then I appeared again except in my room.

Me:'Most of my spells might not be true magic but they're still so useful, most of them are for stealth so it helps me when I need to practice or sneak out.'

And so I layed down and slept for the night.


While I was hinting for ingredients for the past few days which I managed to get mana infused fruits and some glow shrooms and hid them in a secret compartment I discovered in my droor.

And after I checked everything was all safe in the secret compartment I want to sleep.

Then I was shook awake,And once I was mostly mentally awake I heard my sister.

Mabel:"Rise and shine sleepy head."

She continues to shake me.

Me:"Ok, Ok I will get up just give me a minute to be fully awake."

Mabel:"Ok, but don't say I didn't try because gruncle Stan made your favorite breakfast food."

It took me a second to process what was just said and then I rushed down the stairs.

Me:'Knowing yjose two they'll eat it all if I'm not down there soon.

Ans there I saw them eating at an ok pace.

Me:"*Phew* I meade it in time."

And so I sat down and started eating my fill a few minutes later.

Stan:"Ok now that your done eating meet up at the shop in five minutes."

I just casually strode there keaving tjose teo behind , but then stam started heading out too.

Me:'I'm going there ahead of tike because I don't have much else to do, I still need to find some gnomes before my ingredients go bad they should be good for a week.'

A few minutes later Stan spoke.

Stan:"Ok who wants to go to the woods to hang up signs."

Me:"I will."

Me:'everyone looked at me with a supirsed lookm'

I took the signs out of my gruncle stans hands amd grabbed a hammer and some nails, and then i left headin towardards the woods to hang up the signs like my gruncle wanted..

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