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Master said, the woman I held in my hands, I must protect for the rest of my life Master said, it’s hard to cultivate as a Demon, and once you enter the Demon Dao, you should never look back. Master said, Heaven is a Circle and the Earth is a Square; that Circle represents (is) consummate perfection, and that Square represents (is) the edges and corners of one’s Heart, it’s a rebellion against Fate, a Disobedience to Heaven. My master is named Ning Fan, he’s not a person, he’s merely a Butterfly who has entered Demonhood. He was searching for someone. No one knew who he was searching for. No one knew how long he would search for…

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WoW, glad to see my most loved Chinese novel finally coming to webnovels... I seriously hope some of the money earned from here go to the author of this story. I've been following him since 2014 and even made a qidian account to donate around 300$ to him in these few years just because I really love this novel and the author's financial situation is not really good. Anyway, this story start okay... But it get so much better as it continue onward... The author started at 2013 and been writing for the past 7~8 years, his writing improve so much over time and the latter chapters are pure awesomeness. I already read all up to date to the latest chapter 1260 and man I love this novel. There is so much great and unique techniques and foreshadowing and mystery you just can't help but enjoy, theories and look forward to their reveals. I have a big review from 2018 in novelupdate for this novel but it's full of spoiler (from Pedram in top reviews), so I keep this one spoiler free, but I just tell you that this novel is definitely work checking out even if you don't really like the early chapters. As the MC himself also grow a lot and his character become so much better that he became one of my most favorite later on.


One of the best series so far. following this novel for a year on veratales and liberspark i think its pretty good .. i hope Tommy Ng translates till the end of end..


This is one of the few novels I've consistently read since I found out about it and is one of the best crafted stories I've ever found. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in a cultivation novel and if you like this genre I doubt you'll regret reading it. I particularly appreciate the intelligence of the main character and find his personality very convincing. Also, I typically skip through battles in novels like these because I feel like they drag out too long, but here I can't think of many times where I felt like the story dragged them out too long.


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plz add these tags so new readers will not get confused: Ruthless Protagonist / Polygamy / Mature / Slaves / R@pe / Demons / Cultivation / Antihero Protagonist / Harem / Male Protagonist


A great story that I have read tons of MTL. Really intriguing and exciting. I just hope that it doesn't have too much of it cut out or censored! Worth the read!


One of the best if not the best novel in its genre. Just read it trust me it's fucking awesome!!! Stop reading this review and go read the novel!!!


Best xianxia in my opinion. I've read the MTL version of this novel till latest chapter and ~250c on Liberspark. Some nitpicking in the translation aside, this novel really is a breath of fresh air when you have crapton of similar things spread over most CNs. The world building is extremely good, great foreshadowing throughout the novel and most importantly, it involves comprehension based improvement, not just some legendary liquid coming from some ancient godmother which boosts you like hell sort of thing. Last of all(abstaining myself to keep the review short), the story-line is lovely as things progress.. one may even get emotional, not just by the main story-line but even from side characters' story. Very logical, worth spending time on, and is always great to discuss about.


I've been following this novel for several months now, been reading it at liberspark before it moved over here. The translating quality is top-notch, the novel itself is great and the cliffhangers...*agh* I really hope by this move, the author, translator, and everyone working on this novel gets a better and more stable income compared to Patreon for example.


(>>Should be lower rated, but the stars-rating doesn't reflect where this story falls through<<) The writing's good, and the storyline and characters could have been a hit. However, it is all overshadowed by a way-to-easy and forced manner in which things play out. One example could be: Cliché young master (jealous because of MC's fiancée) acts out, trying to embarrass MC. MC in turn shows his new power and stuns everyone. Fiancée (previously didn't like him) expresses her thoughts that MC aren't like any other men she's ever met, expressing her approval. The young master tries to embarrass MC again, MC uses his memory gained from an old immortal to set him in his place. Everyone is taken by MC's intelligence, never to doubt him again. Fiancée approaches MC to discuss engagement. But MC is too-cool-for-school and ignores her. Fiancée is even more impressed and taken with MC as a result. This isn't the best example, but yeah. The story is actually quite good around the edges, but the naivety of characters and childish rhetoric is a constant let-down. It's also disturbing for the reading-experience, in that you can't immerse yourself in the story because of the constant reminder that these characters are too gullible, and the story too easy to be true. Fantasy is of course made up, but it should still be believable so that one can immerse oneself in the story. This is where the novel falls through.


Another sex (dual cultivaton) novel with a somewhat OP evil mc who get lucky and got the best sart combo, master, veins, skills, etc, etc...


When are the new chapters due released? Translators said they would start releasing by the end of November 2020 but we are almost in February 2021 they still did not release any more chapters. There literally are not any new chapters for about 6-7 months now. All we want from translators is just an announcement, whether you will continue translating this or not?


Been reading this novel for almost a year, has been one of my favorites. Needless to say it's an ***** novel but not straight up smut, nor it's a wish fulfilment novel. *Mild Spoilers below* #Mc is a dual cultivator so expect a HUGE harem. One of the biggest harem out there. But only a few girls gets an actual story or development to keep the story enjoyable. #Mc can get very dominant and agresive some times, so if you are a feminist, it's better if you skip this novel. #Getting girls is big part of the plot but there is also a parallel plot that hits the very root of the question, what is good and what is evil? Have a good read!


This is the best cultivation novel I read. I have only read couple of the giant cultivation novels till the last available chapter, but I certainly gave many of them a try. Even among the ones that kept me engaged till the end, this novel is the best of the best. In here we can find a protagonist that seeks strength to protect his loved ones. He is generous to those who help him and is a ruthless devil for those who offend him. No matter what he does, in the end I find all those actions perfectly agreeable. Oh by the way, I love the new cover and the synopsis.


Great Story ****ed up by webnovel. It was updating at a chapter a day regularly translated by liberspark and then web novel liscenced it and abandoned it. Literally buried a good novel. Ugh.




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I believe this novel used to be hosted on another site (maybe veratales or liberspark?). I remember reading it until around chapter 150. It wasn't that bad, but I decided to put off reading it until it had more chapters or was completed.


its a great novel overall the issue that I have largely stems from the release rate, 1 chapter a week on a novel thats being translated/edited/proofread is way too infrequent when the novel already has 1200+ chapters. webnovel pulled it onto their site and shut everyone else down but arent putting the effort in the effort to actually translate it


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