1 Queen Land

The night seems cold, the whispers of the wind echoed on his ears, he is beggining to see

the tall gate of the castle.

It was long journey for him to finally reach the Queen Land's castle, a place where his late

Father ordered him to go when he reached the right age. His late Father told him that he needs

to go there to discover his self more and to know if his mother is still alive.

His Father taught him a lot in his early years as a child, he taught him how to master the power

of his Sonata and how to defeat a Demon. He completed 13 tasks of conquering a Demon when

he was only a teenager - a year of terror, black magic, a Demon encounter.

All of his past flashbacks in his mind and suddenly he heard the gate of the castle opens. He is inside the black castle, all of the interior design was obviously shades of gray and black. Somebody is approaching - Claude and his army of Demonic monkeys. The confirmed enemy never says a word

but in a flash of lightning attack Granger. Oh no! He was surely in big trouble. Granger dodge every

Demon monkeys that would wanted to bite and kill him. Bang! Bang! Granger finally uses his gun and in just a matter of seconds 6 bullets directly hit 6 Demon monkeys and falls on the grown. More bullets coming from his gun and more Demon monkeys are killed. Claude only laughs like a Demon from afar while watching his army attacking Granger in a speed of lightning. Then, in a matter of minutes, his army vanished! Granger uses his super power, turns his violin into a machine gun and summons his Sonata to kill them all.

Claude summon his Venomous Dragon and ordered to kill Granger. The dragon came to life and not only it is Venomous but turns into a Demon Dragon. The Demon Dragon breathes bluish-fire to Granger. He dodge the fire and uses 6 bullets to counter attack the dragon. However, it did not give damage to the dragon but it absorbed its power and immediately the dragon blows back to Granger using his own bullets. Granger is in shock knowing that his bullets are rushing back to him, what a powerful dragon it is. He closed his eyes knowing the bullets are on its way to his body when suddenly he hears someone yelled "Stop!"